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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Remember when Obama, referring to infrastructure,

(that the Pubs REFUSED to fund, but NOW it's different), said 'you didn't build this', as per the bridges and highways? And the Pubs twisted his words, saying he was referring to the BUSINESS itself.
Now the Orange Clown is doing the same thing, as the mayor of London talks about armed police, says, 'Don't be alarmed', when you see LOTS of them. But the Liar in Chief twists the words and says the mayor is referring to the terror itself.
I know, it's just a Repub/LIAR thing, but it gets SO old, as the sheep swallow and regurgitate it.
What's obvious to anyone with a functioning brains, ISN'T, to them. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old...


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