Some highlights of the Comey testimony

Comey HOPES there are tapes in the Oval Office, cuz he says Trump's statements are 'outright lies' concerning why he was fired and the situation at the FBI.
He got the feeling he would be fired if he didn't pledge 'loyalty' to the prez and drop the Flynn investigation.  He refused and was fired.
The Russians DEFINITELY interfered in the election, in Trump's favor, and we shouldn't lose forget that FACT.
He's never documented meetings like he did with Trump, because he thought Trump would lie, and he did.
A Pub asked Comey why we should believe HIM, not Trump, and he said, in so many words. 'Just look at our history, as to who tells the truth',

BTW, the two Repub clowns who testified yesterday, in Trump's favor, made a canned, rehearsed 'talking point' statement, then refused to answer ANY questions. They should, (and might be) held in contempt.


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