Some idiots think

Jefferson Beauregard's testimony, tomorrow, may get himself and the ORANGE CLOWN in trouble,
ARE YOU KIDDING? As the Liar in Chief said, himself, he could shoot someone in Times Square and his blind sheep wouldn't give a shit.
SO, something the Southern jerk(R) who loves the KKK but hates pot smokers might say is relevant? RU kidding?
We have rational/logical people, and we have the Repubs who don't give a shit WHAT the clown does, as long as he has (R) after his name..
 Welcome to Hell, where the Evangelicals (HYPOCRITES) are smiling, and the Liar in Chief tosses our country into the trash heap of history, with his pathological LIES....

This just in: The clowns at Bullshit Mountain are already saying that Mueller (new FBI head, with a perfect record) is colluding with Comey to bring Trump down. Look it up, if you doubt how F'd up FOXNews really is. BUT, the sheep LOVE them...


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