Terrorist's MAIN objective, is to instill FEAR

and their number one disciple is the Orange Clown, who does ALL HE CAN, to sow fear and trepidation among the sheep, who suck up the fear mongering like cupcakes at an Overeater's Anonymous meeting.
Three guys attack with  knives and a van, in London, and the FOXClowns and the Clown in Chief call it a 'Tipping Point', and another reason to do a 'religious, travel ban'.
The Liar in Chief has gotta be MVP, for the terrorists who do all they can to make the sheep cower in the fear, with a 'one in MILLIONS' chance of being killed, vs killing themselves in the obesity filled southern states. Insane, but SOOO Republican.....
True story. A local family was visiting the South when one of their little kids 'wouldn't stop staring and pointing' at a bunch of fat Southerners. It's NORMAL in Red States,,,, I remember when the jigglers would totally block aisles in Walmart and grocery stores, and I couldn't figure out how to finish shopping...
Eating themselves to death, a stupid Southern 'Family Tradition'. like voting Republican,


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