The Orange Clown had them line up, (in a circle),

to kiss his fat ass, and they(R) obdiently did. OMG, it just gets worse....

The Open Forum Letters to the Editor

Praising President Trump at his first full Cabinet meeting
Donald Trump’s truly bizarre Cabinet meeting on Monday — where each Cabinet member took turns around the table to offer worshipful praise to Trump in front of the media — will go down as one of the more awkwardly laughable moments in his administration.
His billionaires’ club Cabinet did not offer any evidence of their progress on proposals they have made in their departments. Instead, they gushed flattering remarks at their boss who gave them their jobs like the pitiful sycophants they have become. Talk about worshiping a false god.
Despite Trump’s public assertions that everything he wants is getting done, this embarrassing display suggests he knows otherwise, and it does not change the reality that this president is failing at every step. It simply shows Trump’s pathetic narcissistic need to be praised at every turn, and that he has chosen the right supplicants to bow to his every need. Our country is worse off than we thought.
Susan Altenhofen, Fort Collins


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