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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Orange Clown LOVES

to crash weddings at his golf clubs. Every wedding gets a 'best' man, but a few get a 'worst' man, like the Liar in Chief, AND they get 'something old, something Orange and someone get him away from the bridesmaids'. Perfect venue for someone who wants 'His Day' time and time again, when he can't line up his Cabinet to tell everyone what they like about HIM, as he did yesterday. Luckily the jerk has a YUUUGE ass, so all the ass-kissers can gather round, and smooch away.
What an asshole....
His latest lie? He claimed 'No president has done more, in this amount of time'. OMG! NONE of his major programs, Wall, health care, tax reform,etc has passed, or will it. BUT, he has signed a bunch of bullshit exec orders, like his Travel Ban that has been shot down three times.
And the sheep swallow this crap, like he's the most persecuted president ever? They sure do, cuz they're clueless sheep.
Nothing new here....


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