The Pubs are bitchin'

about the Dems being obstructive. I think that's terrible!
The Dems oughta give the prez and the Pubs the SAME amount of help and respect that the Pubs gave Obama.

The Orange Clown just came on with a live speech, praising himself for the greatest foreign trip EVER, with the most important meetings EVER, and now he's gonna wipe terrorism 'off the face of the earth'.  OMG!, what kind of feeble brain is this directed to? Oh yeah, the same crowd (flock) that believe HIM over James Comey.
Do the sheep have to turn the volume WAY UP, to penetrate their rectal walls?

This just in, The reporter said Trump has 'a casual relationship with the truth' and another said, 'NO, he has total disregard for the truth', which IS the truth, for the Oaf of Office.


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