The Pubs LOVED Robert Mueller, new head of the FBI

when he was appointed to fill the void left when the Liar in Chief FIRED the former head, for investigating Russian hacking in the US election.
NOW, when they find out Mueller is doing his job, the 'knives are out and the mud is flying', as they seek to discredit him, before he even gets started.

It’s only been a month since the Justice Department
appointed him, but the knives are already out for
special counsel Robert Mueller.
President Donald Trump on Thursday denounced
what he called “the single greatest witch hunt in
American political history” (think Benghazi and 'private
server') after The Washington Post 
reported that he is being investigated for obstructing
The investigation into his presidential campaign’s
possible ties to Russia, the president said on Twitter,
is being led by “some very bad and conflicted people.
(Said the pot to the kettle).
Mueller is a highly-respected former director of the
FBI and is the second-longest-serving director in the
agency’s history. He was appointed by a Republican
president in 2001 and confirmed unanimously by a
98-0 vote in the Senate. But now, he's unqualified
according to the Liar in CHief and the Orange Clown wants
to replace him with Jared Kushner. (*I'm SURE he does,)
Trump and the Pubs, would be funny, if not so disastrous.


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