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Friday, June 30, 2017

What kind of asshole

threatens the press, who only reported the truth, with a 'hit job' from his buddy who runs the 'National Equirer?'
That would be the Liar in Chief who sicked his buddies at the 'National LIAR", to do an FAKE NEWS story against Joe and Mika at 'Morning Joe'. The Orange Clown lied about ANOTHER story.
Unbelievable, but SO Trumpian.
As always, the sheep will believe the lies, from Trump and the 'Enqirer', as the Orange Clown muddies the water with LIES.
Nothing new here, but how much does it take for the sheep to say, 'Enough LIES, already."
Probably never, cuz they have been raissed on LIES from FOX, and what's one more, when there are HUNDREDS?


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