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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When I want a good laugh, I read Sean Hannity

and go from OMG that's funny, to OMG!, people actually BELIEVE that crap?

Today, from his Bullshit Mountain pulpit, Sean is rabble-rousing as he looks at the world from a 'special' point of view.

Here are the five dangers faced by President Trump, and indeed all Americans:
  • The alt-left, destroy-Trump, propaganda media that has been lying (yeah right, the media lies and The Liar in Chief doesn't, HA!) to America for 11 months nonstop. They push their Trump-Russia collusion theory, despite no evidence whatsoever (Bullshit!).
  • The so-called deep state, entrenched liberal bureaucrats (Trump people who can't put up with the lies) and Obama loyalists (patriots) who selectively leak information to damage (tell the truth about) the president and anyone associated with him. 
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which mission creep has transformed into an out-of-control, political witch hunt. (Hasn't reported ANYTHING, yet, but Sean muddying the water for when it does)
  • The cumulative effect of all this manufactured turmoil. It is putting President Trump's agenda in jeopardy, which ends up directly impacting all of us. (we can only HOPE)
  • An all-out effort to override the will of the American people (less then half, who believe FOXCrap) and change the results of a presidential election. This is now creating a national security crisis, (hopefulness).


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