Wow, I guess this settles it,

just like OJ claimed he didn't do it, the Trumpies claim Comey was fired cuz he didn't treat Hillary right. And the Orange Clown claims he didn't fire Comey cuz of the investigation between the Liar in Chief and the Russkies, who installed the clown.
Hey rightwingnuts, you ever wonder WHY the Russians wanted the Orange Asshole to win?
Didn't think so....
It's OBVIOUSLY not a BIG DEAL like a 'private server' or BENGHAZI!, that the jerks(R) investigated for YEARS, with DOZENS of investigations, that the Pubs are ignoring now.
Can you say 'off the chart' HYPOCRITES?
Didn't think so... as the jerk hid out at an 'Evangelical Conference' today.
 Can you say 'Gullible'?


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