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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wow, I've read some stupid crap

but Caitlan (Bruce) Jenners' remarks to her Repub audience have to be near the top of the dung heap.

A crowd at the convention of the College Republican National Committee erupted in laughter and applause when featured speaker Caitlyn Jenner joked Friday about the attack on a group of GOP lawmakers, saying: “Liberals can’t even shoot straight.” (cuz no one was KILLED).
Wow, is she referrring to the rightwing shooters who successfully kill a LOT more people? The nutjob(R) who shot up the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Co Sprgs was a 'great' shot. It's probably because there are a lot more of them and they get more practice. BUT, cheering such an insensitive comment is PURE nutjob(R), and SO typical, as the assault rifles they 'champion' are used again. 
Surprise! That's what they're made for, not hunting, and the NRA/Pubs love the YUUUGE magazines, so the 'shooters' don't have to stop and reload.

Have I ever mentioned how I 'can't stand 'em'(R)?


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