Wow, the Lunatic Fringe of the Repub Party

Ann Coulter, has joined the intellectual part, (yup, there are a FEW with triple digit IQ's, Krauthammer, Will) of the GOP, to demand the ouster of the Orange Clown. Those sheep in the middle of the flock (BAAAA) are still dutifully lined up behind the huckster, but that crowd is ALWAYS the last to grasp complex ideas, like Global Warming and the earth being over 6000 years old.
Some NEVER get a clue, like those who think GW and the Dick REALLY BELIEVED Saddam had WMD's (HA!), so the Bushies are 'blameless'  in the war that killed thousands and cost trillions.
We should pity them. Life ain't easy with your head up your ass....
Part of Ann's rant:
“It was a whole series today! This jackass is really ticking me off. And today … Cuba? F*cking Cuba? If he’d run a campaign promising to do everything he’s done in the last 6 months, he’d never have been elected,” she said in response.


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