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Sunday, June 03, 2018

As the US is hijacked by a vain, profane, unqualified, Pussy Grabbing LIAR,

US isolated at G7 meeting as allies blast Trump's tariffs with 'unanimous concern and disappointment'

  • Amid a widening global rift on trade policy, G7 allies released a sharply 
  • worded statement taking aim at the Trump administration
  • The finance ministers expressed 'concern and disappointment' as Trump 
  • presses ahead with tariffs.
And in other news, the Liar in Chief and his legal team declares that Dotard is 'above the law'
and shouldn't have to answer to the US legal system.

Trump's legal team claims broad executive privilege in leaked confidential memo

Trump could be "walking into a trap" by consenting to be interviewed by Mueller's team, claim his lawyers, because we all know 'INNOCENT' people have a lot to be worried about, by telling the TRUTH!

AND, he could just 'pardon himself'.

Just when you think he can't possible seem any guiltier or the sheep seem any more clueless/gullible...


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