Again, from my buddy Dave

This evening, as Tom Brokaw was winding down his “11thHour” news show on MSNBC – he tossed out this little tidbit:  “Sources say that Trump had a rather unpleasant phone call recently with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Obviously frustrated, Mr. Trudeau asked Trump, ‘How can you possibly justify punitive tariffs against Canadian goods by invoking ‘national security’?!”

And Trump replied, “Well, you guys burned down our Capitol.” 

It was the British, in 1812
Canada didn't exist as a country until 1867..

This is the level of idiocy that we and the world have to deal with, as Dotard represents us, breaking treaties and deals crafted by many people in many countries over many years.
Then this vain, ignorant blowhard comes along, who's used to just LYING, calling in his crooked lawyers and declaring bankruptcy, or divorcing his latest wife, when he gets in over his head.
Anyone who isn't ashamed of this asshole just isn't paying attention, or their head is deliberately buried deep in their ass. 


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