Who is STOOPID enough to believe Dotard,

as he claims the black NFL players hate America, our flag and veterans.....rather than the REAL issue they are protesting, which is white police officers shooting, and beating the crap out out of black people, with ZERO consequences?
How many times have we seen unwarranted shootings, with NO prosecution.
Be a white cop, shoot a black man, NO PROBLEM, and that's what the players are protesting.
Protest against gays by refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple?
No problem, it's your right to protest, BUT, in Dotard world, where the NFL and NBA players refuse to participate, the baker is a hero, for standing up for his beliefs.
Total bullshit and just part of rightwingnut world, that drives me crazy.
Screw Trump and the sheep he rode in on....


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