This video, and multiple shootings and beatings by cops

against unarmed black men, with ZERO consequences, are why the NFL players are making real sacrifices, NOT because they hate America, the flag and veterans, no matter WHAT the jerks(R) claim.
Most (white) people have no point of reference, but I had long hair during the View Nam War era.
Cops can be assholes, with no consequences, when you are a minority (long hair, against a stupid war), and they were, MANY times, to me and my friends, incl PLANTING drugs, in my car.
Herbie Compton, (former Kearney wrestler), of the Nebr State Patrol, in Ogalala, NE, before he was FIRED for doing the same thing to a Chicago lawyer, faked finding pot in my car, and sent me to jail.
I was lucky, with a receptive judge, but some of my friends weren't.
At least I wasn't/am not black, so I didn't so prison time.


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