Instead of mandating dirty, expensive coal

that pollutes the air and water, as Dotard is pushing, Colorado has a different plan. Within ten years renewable energy, wind and solar, will provide OVER HALF of our power, for less than we are paying now.
The main problem?
Dotard mandated coal plants, which Colorado is TRYING to take off line, replacing them with cleaner, cheaper natural gas.
But Dotard says NO!

lan raises renewables to 55 percent of electricity

Solar would move from 3 percent to 13 percent of utility’s generation

Xcel Energy Colorado unveiled a new power plan that the utility estimates could save customers $215 million, cut carbon emissions by half and lift renewable energy sources to 55 percent of its electricity portfolio by 2026, according to a filing submitted Wednesday with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

Late last year, Xcel Energy was confronted with an overwhelming response — 450 bids — when it put out requests for future power supply under its 2016 Electric Resource Plan. The wind and solar bids, in particular, were the lowest ever received by a utility in the country, and several came in well below the cost of coal, even with the inclusion of battery storage.

And this is good for MANY reasons, incl:


WASHINGTON » Record heat returned to the United States with a vengeance in May.
May warmed to a record average 65.4 degrees in the Lower 48 states, breaking the high of 64.7, set in 1934, according to federal weather figures released Wednesday. May was 5.2 degrees above the 20th century’s average for the month.
Weather stations in the nation broke or tied nearly 8,600 daily heat records in May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported. It hit 100 in Minneapolis on May 28, the earliest the city has seen triple digits.
“The warmth was coast to coast,” said climate scientist Jake Crouch at NOAA’s Centers for Environmental Information.

BUT, Rush and Sean say it's all a Liberal/Chinese plot, so 'fire up them coal plants'!

And you wonder WHY I can't stand them(R)?


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