For us old farts, we can remember

just what it was like 50 years ago this week, as Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed, Just like his brother, JFK, and Martin Luther King Jr.
We learned the power of the Conservatives/Pubs.
Stand up to them and they'll kill you.
If you don't believe they were behind the killings, you're not paying attention.
Just like Kent State, where students like us, were shot and killed.
The rightwingnuts cheered and the rest of us cried.
Those who didn't live through it will NEVER understand.
Smoke pot and get caught, go to prison.
Avoid the draft, go to prison.
Remember the DRAFT?
If you have no good exemption, your ass was sent to Viet Nam, where it's kill or be killed, for what?
Profits for the 'defense' contractors.
58,000 KILLED and millions injured, mentally and/or physically.
(Not even counting the Vietnamese, just defending their families.)
Filling the VA hospitals to this day.
Pub profits.
Then the Pubs did it again in Iraq.
Some say Pubs and Dems are the SAME.
The Pubs are warmongers whose main objective is PROFIT, and SCREW collateral damage.
Please tell me WHY we had war in Viet Nam/Iraq, other than PROFIT for a few, at the expense of many.
Some things never change, as we remember the shootings of JFK, RFK, MLK and the Pubs getting the war they wanted, in Viet Nam, which we LOST at YUUUGE expense, but some(R) got obscenely RICH.
And they did it again in Iraq AND Afgh, where 15 Saudi's attacked the US, with 3 Afghannis, from the hinterlands.
But, the Saudis were friends of the Bush's, in the same oil business, where crude went from under $14 to over $140 per barrel.
Never mind, it's obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, which leaves out the rightwingnuts, who bang the drums for any and all wars, that benefit the War Machine of the Pubs, as Bolton and Pompeo seek 'regime change' in Iraq, while torpedoing the treaty forged by MANY nations over MANY years.
Bottom line, screw Trump and the sheep(R) he rode in on, while they are isolating the US and heading toward MORE war.
Some things never change....


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