Checking out the Rockies vs AZ

and it's a home run-fest, this Sat nite at Coors Field
The announcers mentioned something I related to.
These days, when you can get kids off the couch, away from their X-box, it's only with official games, and a coach, with parents, etc.
When I was a kid, we played pick-up baseball, most of the summer, at the grade school field, where a home run could be a broken window in the school. I don't think kids do that any more.
The big deal, and led to a fight sometimes, was who was gonna pitch.
Just one more, in the YUUUGE difference between then and now....
In those days we CRIED when a prez was shot.
NOW, most of the country would CHEER, for good reason.
Cuz we love our country....


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