File it under 'DUH'

Bill Clinton says impeachment hearings would have begun already if a Democrat were president

and if we had a BLACK, Dem prez, they(R) would have already tried to lynch him.
Can you imagine if Hillary had won, and the Pubs found out her campaign had a BUNCH of contact with the Russians, and they had LIED about it, repeatedly?
And she, and her family had business in Russia, and she REFUSED to let anyone look at her taxes, to check and find out?
And she LIED, obviously, several times, nearly EVERY day?
And she hooked up with, and paid off, male prostitutes? And lied about it..
THINK ABOUT IT! The a-holes(R) would go BALLISTIC!
And her third husband refused to hold her hand in public?
And she refused to impose the sanctions on Russia that Congress had authorized?
And she'd already golfed DOZENS of times, with tax payers paying MILLIONS for security, and golf carts, meals and rooms, charged to HER course?
AND, she had unilaterally imposed Tariffs on our (former) allies, against the advice of her economic advisers, who she FIRED?
Impeachment, and then crucifixion wouldn't be enough for the jerks(R).
BUT, when Dotard does ALL THAT and more, NO PROBLEM for the clueless, gullible sheep.
And you wonder WHY I can't stand the hypocritical jerks(R)?


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