For the umpteenth time

The reason I unload HERE, is so I don't feel a need to do it in my real life. If I can voice my opinions against the OUTRAGEOUS happenings in rightwingnut world, I don't have to bother the real people in my real life.
And I don't, cuz I can unload here, get it out of my head, and lead a normal life in public, with my friends and family.
And remember, I'm not sending stuff to you, you are looking at my web log, or blog.
Keeps me sane, in a world with WAY too much insanity, esp with the Pubs in charge in Washington.
And it works, cuz I haven't packed my 300 Win Mag and headed to the east coast.
BUT, such restraint ain't easy, and blowing off steam HERE, makes it possible.
I'd recommend it for everyone.
OR, you can just sit on your ass and watch FOX, created by Roger Ailes, the Head Repub Political Strategist/Propagandist, as an alternative to REAL news, giving the gullible sheep a place to gather, where they can hear what they WISH was true, and not be bothered by them pesky FACTS, as the worst LIAR in the history of EVERYWHERE, is given credence by the clowns of Bullshit Mountain.


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