It's SOOO important to be reminded

we don't live in a dictatorship, with an evil clown in charge, while a bi-partisan group tries to limit his power and damage, as Dotard tries to wreck our long-standing relationships with Canada, Mexico and the EU.
Screw Dotard, and the sheep he rode in on...

Sen. Bob Corker defies Trump and unveils bill to check his ability to impose tariffs

  • Sen. Bob Corker unveils legislation to curb President Donald Trump's ability to impose tariffs, over objections from Trump himself.
  • Six Republicans and four Democrats signed on to the bill.
  • Corker is among the Republicans who have pushed back against the president's move to put tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.
  • On Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan casts doubts about the prospect of the bill passing.


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