If you only read one of my rants, read this one. I dare ya...

as the Liar in Chief screws us Big Time, AGAIN.

During my many years as a Disaster Insurance Adjuster, I met a LOT of good people, and a few a**holes. Probably Republican. What the jerks didn't realize was that I had a LOT of leeway concerning WHAT I'd pay for and how much I'd pay for it. I could pad a claim or strip it to the minimum.
Bottom line, the dickheads who lied, tried to cheat (as if I hadn't seen/heard that same crap, dozens of times) didn't realize it, but they paid YUUUGELY for their bad attitudes, IF I'd allow their claim at all.
I mention this as the Liar in Chief 'spits in the eye' of the world AGAIN. doing his 'big bully' act that the sheep mistake for power. After chewing out our NATO allies, and NOT assuring mutual protection, the basis of NATO, he comes back by dumping the Paris Accord, joining only Syria and Nicaragua vs the world of thinking people.
YOU THINK WORLD LEADERS ARE GONNA FORGIVE AND FORGET? (As if clean air and water isn't something EVERYONE, with the exception of the ignorant FOXSheep can agree on, worldwide).
Not a chance! They've seen the orange asshole up close and personal, and the next time they have a chance to 'stick it to him' (actually us, the citizens and workers of the US), they're gonna do it with gusto. AND, like the homeowners who were jerks to their insurance adjuster, the victims won't even know it.
What's gonna happen next time there's a contract with Boeing and Airbus bidding? A US based construction company vs anyone else? Food contracts, auto fleet sales (Ford vs Volvo) while Europe and the world says 'F**K You Trump' amid legal contracts and thousands of other business deals. The (ghost) author of 'The Art of the Deal', (who says, 'Start out with 3 lies) is gonna get his fat, lumpy ass kicked and the people of the US will pay, thanks to the imbeciles(R) who believed his myriad LIES and voted for him, to 'shake things up'.
America First my ass. It's a world economy and if you go against the world, you're gonna pay, YUUUGGELY. What kind of idiot(R) can't see this? Oh yeah, the clueless FOXSheep, who get their 'news' from the Repub propaganda network. And you wonder WHY they're clueless?
Thanks again Deplorables/Evangelicals and all the other FOXBullshit believers. You've cut off your own nose, to spite your face and you're too stupid to even realize it, but you will, EVENTUALLY...
When I look at the Orange Clown supporters who think they are SO smart, but prove by their lives how UNsmart they are, as their lives come to fruition. They can thank Soc Sec and Medicare, programs the jerks(R) voted against, as they eat and get medical care. If I see another 'Proud to be a Republican' post, I'm gonna barf.
Big frogs in their stagnant little ponds. looking at the toads around them thinking, 'I is a BIG, smart frog. Them late night comedians is shore stoopid, just ask Sean'.
I'd laugh out loud, if we weren't ALL suffering for their ignorance. And it's only just begun...
And, as the US loses stature and leadership in the world, Putin and the Russkies have to be laughing their asses off... You think maybe there's a REASON they backed the Orange Clown?


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