I admit it, I was wrong.

I posted earlier today that although the Liar in Chief is a slimy SOB, I didn't think he'd join Nicaragua and Syria as the ONLY two countries in the world, disregarding Climate Change and the problems it causes.
I was wrong. The Orange Clown, elected by the Deplorables and Bible Belters just upheld his campaign vow to the coal miners, keeping a FEW, worthless jobs, at the expense of clean air and water, PLUS, he eliminated a YUUUGE number of quality jobs, as most of the civilized world works to move past all the problems caused by burning coal when natural gas is cheaper, cleaner and more abundant.
This is after Ivanka, and Rex Tillerson, one of the few cabinet members who could get one side of a Rubik's Cube the same color, advised AGAINST it.
What an ASSHOLE!
Welcome to the 'head up their ass' world of Trumpies, Repubs and other assorted Deplorables.
Just when I think they(R) CAN'T get any worse, they always do.....


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