I realize they love FOX/Rush Limbaugh

most of their waking hours, where they KNOW they can hear what they wanna hear, BUT, what do the rightwingnuts watch when they've heard the same crap all day?
Do they just go to bed early, getting lots of rest for their minimum wage, fast food jobs, or do they throw stuff at the screen as Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon,  James Corbin, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Seth Myers, Conan O'Bryan, Smantha Bee and ALL the late night comics mock the Liar in Chief, every night?
These Late Night TV hosts didn't get where they are by being stupid.
They survive and thrive in a world of wit and level of intelligence that the FOXNews audience can't comprehend or understand.
I DO wonder, REALLY, what does the rightwingnut, head up their ass. Bullshit Mountain believin' numbskull watch, after they've seen and heard every FOXNews talking point shoveled to them ALL DAY?


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