Remember the VERY FIRST thing the Pubs did, when The Orange Clown won?

They had a closed door, late night meeting to SHUT DOWN the Congressional Ethics Office.
You can't make up crap like this. BUT, they were caught, and were forced underground, to do their dirty work.
Now, they figure enough time has passed, the Deplorables don't give a shit, and nobody has the power to stop them SO, they are just kicking 'ethics' to the curb, in the GOP tradition.
Same old shit, different day...
Just hours before the June 1 deadline, the White
House revealed the granting of ethics waivers to
17 staff members.
Bloomberg notes, "The waivers, issued by the White
House Counsel's office, allow administration appointees
to take part in decisions from which federal ethics
 rules and Trump's own policies would require them
to recuse."

Trump White House grants waivers of ethics rules

Exemptions aid Conway, Bannon and ex-lobbyists.


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