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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Watching correspondent's dinner

The prez says about his approval #'s, He hasn't been this high since college.
He can't figure out why (shows pics of Cruz, Trump).
Thanks Joe Biden, for not shooting anyone in the face.
Intro's fresh new face of the Dems. Bernie Sanders.
On menu, the choice was steak or fish, and Pubs wrote in Paul Ryan.
Made fun of Cruz, basketball ring, baseball sticks, football hats, etc
Trump would be good to close Gitmo. He's run waterfront properties into the ground.
Boehner said he could play LOTS of golf, smoke cigs, and work on his tan.
Dropped the mic, as he left. Obama out....
Wilmore starts with welcome to negro night', or as FOX reports, two thugs disrupt dinner
Thanked McConnell for not blocking nomination, who could block Lebron James.
Then Wilmore BOMBED, for 20 mins and ended it by saying, 'Barry, you did it, my nigger'.
Can you say 'Wilmore sucked?'.

I am REALLY starting to wonder

Is there any chance the Repub party could actually rally around The Donald and support him? OR, could they find some way to push The Greaseball? Inquiring minds want to know. What's it gonna look like in Pub land, come September? Just when you think it can't get any stranger....
The Donald or The Greaseball? UNbelievable, but real....

Great quote as Cruz confronts Trump in Indiana.

"If this has become a battle between fear and loathing, it appears that Republicans who know both candidates are deciding they’d rather be afraid."
Ted Cruz continues to astound. Right now, he’s in Indiana, trying to save his presidential career by ranting about transgender people and bathrooms, which only works in a state like Indiana.
Who cares about economic issues when you can scare people about 'tran's in bathrooms' Gotta love them rightwingnuts.... And another great quote?
'Ted Cruz has the distinction of being a presidential candidate who can make Donald Trump look good.' 
Good ol' Slimy McSlimeface, someone the rightwingnuts can relate to....

The Pubs are fighting against Zika prevention,

withholding all funds, cuz the main symptom of Zika is brain shrinkage and failure to develop properly. What better source of future Pubs? Same way they fight education bills, for the same reason. Pretty obvious....

Friday, April 29, 2016

In Pub news,

we heard from The Donald, with his foreign policy statement. He says we have to be more 'unpredictable', sorta like GW. After 9-11 he attacked a totally different country. Yahoo! Repub policy in a nutshell.
Then we got a policy statement from Tom Delay, who supported the perv Dennis Hastert, saying he was a great guy, with very few flaws..... Just a child molester. Welcome to Pub world.
Not to mention the Pub fave, The Greaseball, who was described by the former #1 guy(R), as Lucifer, a miserable SOB', and another Pub claimed he could be shot on the Senate floor, and NOBODY would testify against the killer. Don't you just love them Pubs? Who hate themselves?
Can you say 'dysfunctional?'

In an earlier post, I described FOX as DESPERATE

then I saw this latest article from Bullshit Mountain, today, that tells the sheep just how BAD things are. (Compared to what? 2008?, the rest of the world? or perfection? ), and the economy is the #1 predictor of elections. Doesn't matter, they're the sheep, and knowing how smart they are, (esp if they live in a Red State), I bet things ARE tough in their world. Too bad, so sad. It's called survival of the fittest. Read on...
It's the economy, stupid. 
I live in the real world. I am a private sector businessman. I have “boots on the ground.” I understand that President Obama has wrecked the U.S. economy. We are in an economic disaster. And it can get worse. Much worse. If someone who thinks just like Obama is elected, we could slide into economic Armageddon. America’s economy could smash to the ground like Humpty Dumpty -- into a million pieces, we can never put back together again.

Yup, this is wisdom in FOX world. Vote out the Dems, so we can get back to the good ol' days of GW and the Pubs. And the sheep eat it up. What a pile of ignorance.

In spite of having ZERO credentials,

Wayne Simmons appeared on FOX 'news'(?), dozens of times, continually trashing Obama and the Dems, claiming to be ex-CIA. Bullshit Mountain welcomed him, cuz, like most of their X-spurts, (x=unknown, spurt=drip under pressure), he could be counted on to say what the sheep wanted to hear. And, as usual, FOX didn't/doesn't give a shit about facts.
Yesterday, Simmons pleaded guilty to impersonating a CIA official and could get 40 years in prison, and FOX/PARP continues it's tradition of doing/saying/showing ANYTHING to get Pubs elected.
It's their JOB, man, and they used to be good at it. Now they have The Donald and Slimy McSlimeface to work with. Time to bring out the BIG guns. I'm sure they'll think of something. They always do. Oh yeah, they've still got BENGHAZI! and 'Private Server', and "America has been ruined by a foreign born Muslim who hates our country', plus there's always the 'War on Christians'.
Never mind, they pave PLENTY of ammo for the sheep, who don't give a shit that it's all bogus, as long as they know where to come for their daily load of crap.
FOXNews, what a joke.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Heard a good quote about Cruz supporters

as I channel surfed.
'You'd think they'd learn, after a couple of clowns like Sarah Palin and George Bush. But they don't. Now they're supporting Ted Cruz. What does it take?'

Should be interesting

as the buttheads(R) butt heads in Indiana(R). What a perfect setting for the low info FOXSheep to choose their favorite to be prez. And their choices are..... The Donald and The Greaseball.
If there was ever a perfect battleground for the clowns to do battle, this is it.
Totally scary, when you realize their votes count the same as the civilized, educated portion of the country.
As always though, fun to watch, when you see the effects of FOXNews on a low-info(R), low income/education, rightwingnut populace. GO FOR IT!
May the best clown win!

Every year, about this time,

we get a pair of mallards who think our pond would be a great place to raise a family. They usually get chased off by a golfer, dog or coyote, but they stick around, usually long enough to lay some eggs. Bailey wants to go out and welcome them to the 'hood, but we're saying no. Will be interesting to see how long they stay around, this time.
PS When I reached for the camera, beside the cable box, to take this shot, a static electric spark jumped to the cable box, and all went dark on the TV, and the DVR controls donn't work. What a pain, but I got a pic.

After Boehner compared to Cruz to Lucifer,

Rep Peter King, a NY Congressman, came to His defense, saying, 'He gives Lucifer a bad name, by comparing him to Ted Cruz'. Keep in mind, these are the people he worked with, who think almost as little of him as those who went to school with him.
Congrats Pubs, on picking another 'winner', as they get in formation for their 'circular firing squad'. What's the matter? Wasn't Jeffrey Dahmer available? LOL!
Others praised The Greaseball's choice, saying Carly Fiorina could only help, by diverting attention from Cruz's 'creepiness'. I agree....

There are two types of Repub Congressmen

those like Dean Heller (R-Nev), who says, 'I'm just glad I'm not on the ballot (2016)', and those who are, thinking OMG!  They can either support Trump, OMG!, or 'Lucifer in the Flesh', according their former Speaker.  Either way, it should be fun(ny) to watch.
I can hardly wait, as the party of the 1%, supported by FOX/PARP, preaching to the fear-infused, ignorant masses, hits the ground with a massive THUD!
There will be a world-wide celebration, unheard since the end of WWII, as the reality of 'No More Repubs in Charge', resonates around the planet. Can we get an 'Amen'?

FOXNews reported to the sheep today,

that a replica of Noah's Ark, built at a cost of millions, using modern tools and technology, hundreds of laborers and taking over four years might be towed to the Olympics. The 410 ft boat is only HALF the size that is described in the Bible, to hold two of ALL the world's creatures. Wow, that Noah and his kids were some amazing carpenters, and must have cut down a forest the size of Texas, in an area with hardly any trees!
Then there's the minor detail of food for all of them, for 40 days, and dumping them on a mud flat when it was over, to swim to the continents on the other sides of the oceans. Just minor details, that the sheep have no problem with. And you wonder why Bullshit Mountain, Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party resonates with these people?

FOXLies reports that 'using a friend's ashes' for bait

two fishermen caught a 180 lb carp. Sounds interesting, until you look up 'World Record Carp', and find it recently went from 99 lbs, to 105 lbs.
Nothing new here, but typical of Bullshit Mountain, where little things like 'facts' never get in the way of a good story, and the sheep eat it up, while those of us with a brain say 'Bullshit!'
The current world record carp is a 105 lb specimen, captured in Hungary in May 2015

FORMER WORLD RECORD CARP The former world record carp is 99lb, caught in France in 2010 (Les Graviers)

Dennis Hastert(R) was recently sentenced

after paying MILLIONS in hush money to his victims. BUT, they've never addressed the main question. Where did this former HS wrestling coach, who ran for office late in his life, get his millions? We DO know he was a Bushie, who helped push the Iraq War, when GW and The Dick needed help to 'get their war', which benefitted Big Oil, at the price of the American people.
C'mon, let's get to the REAL issues. We KNOW he was/is a perv, but where did he get the MILLIONS in his bank account? Could it be dirty politics in the Pub Party?
Inquiring minds want to know.....

With the clowns in control, the circus goes on

Seems I'm not the only one,

who can't stand Slimy McSlimeface.
Former Speaker of the House John Boehner got really
frank with his opinion of Ted Cruz during a discussion at
 Stanford University on Wednesday.
The Stanford Daily reports that Boehner described the
 presidential candidate as "Lucifer in the flesh."

And Boehner didn't stop there, saying, "I get along with
almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more 
miserable son of a b**** in my life.
And that's from a fellow Repub. We non-Repubs don't
like him nearly as well. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Not sure what was worse/funniest

when The Greaseball was going for the Indiana b-ball fan vote, and invoked the 'Hoosiers' scene, with Gene Hackman, but Slimy McSlimeface said basketball 'ring' instead of hoop. Then, he got really crazy and tapped Carly as his VP. Thankfully, they have ZERO chance, although the Evangelicals are probably throbbing with excitement.
Then The Donald said Hillary was playing the 'woman' card, while he continues to play the 'racist douchebag' card. Wow, is this fun, or what?

As we watch the PBS special on Natl Parks, by Ken Burns,

before we go to Yellowstone, I realize John Muir is one of my favorite all-time people. A purist who just loved the out of doors. The son of a preacher who claimed to love 'what God has made', more than God.
The best part of my life has been spent outdoors, enjoying innumerable sights and experiences that most people never see or have the chance to enjoy. From Nebraska fields, lakes and rivers, to the Colorado high country and Canadian wilderness, I have experienced many lifetime's worth of scenic amazement. I can't count the number of times I have gazed in awe-struck wonder at nature's miraculous scenes. True, it was usually in the pursuit of fish and game, but I always ate what I pursued, as it should be, not killing just for sport, and if that's what it took to get me outside, to the most beautiful places on earth, then so be it.
Bottom line, fish and game live in the most beautiful places, and because of that I have seen sights and experienced adventures, hundreds of times, that most could never even imagine.
I thank my father and my genes, for opening a world that most never see. To me, this is where I enjoyed God's creation, not in a church on Sunday morning, where Jesus is considered the 'one and only' path to the eternal. Sorry, but that doesn't work for me, as I've seen what His ambassadors do, in His name while denying what is natural to man.
Nothing new here, but I LOVE nature, and have seen WAY more than my share of natural beauty, which makes me who I am. Works for me...

As I savor this 2016 Election Season,

with the Pubs crashing and burning, I just realized what the 'cherry on the sundae' is gonna be. I can't wait for the Hillary/Donald debates, when it comes down to actual policy discussions. Talk about fun(ny), this will be first class entertainment as The Donald will be exposed as the clueless windbag he is, or as one writer described him after hearing Trump's foreign policy speech today, 'a joke, wrapped up in a farce, inside a sham'. A one on one debate with Hillary, on foreign/domestic policy? I can hardly wait....

FOXLies has an intriguing headline, today

'Why Hillary Can't Shake Her E-Mail Scandal'. Hmmmm, let me guess. Maybe  cuz Bullshit Mountain can't do BENGHAZI! 24-7, after over 50 hearings found her INNOCENT? Maybe cuz the sheep can't get enough of the crap shoveled to them, from the 'All Anti-Hillary, All the Time', Fair and Balanced team?
Or maybe it's because the 'journalistic talent' at FOX/PARP is REALLY WORRIED that she compromised US security, and the fact she is the presumptive Dem candidate is just a coincidence?
Yup, I'm sure that's it. What else could it be?

In another display of Repub 'wisdom',

The Greaseball picked Carly Fiorina as his running mate. WTF? She IS a woman, and Pubs have a history of picking a female (to try and cover their anti-women bias) no matter HOW unqualified, (Ms Palin) when their only hope is a Hail Mary. We saw how well that worked for McCain, as the world found out what an empty headed bimbo(R) looks and sounds like.
But Carly Fiorina? She drove HP into the ground, losing hundreds of millions, before she got her 'bailout package' and never got another job, for good reason. And she's his First Choice? Cuz she lies about abortion videos and gets the Evangelicals all riled? Oh well, who cares, but it shows the mind-set of a Repub loser. 'I've got a GREAT idea, let's package TWO things people can't stand (a pig liver and dog turd sandwich?), and maybe we'll have a winner'! Can you say Desperate and Stupid at the same time?' Oh well, they ARE fun to watch.

Just read an interesting article

about a Wisconsin poll worker who hated her job, cuz she had to enforce the Repub rules and turn LOTS of college students away, after the Pubs were able to restrict voting by the young and educated, ( part of the electorate they REALLY don't want to vote) with a law that disallowed a college ID as a legitimate form of identification. Good job GOP. You think people/voters don't recognize/remember a clear form of voter suppression? And they(R) wonder why they are in a smoking tailspin as they head for a crash. Good riddance, to the party of ignorance, and the 1%.

I remember the first time

I was on the beach in Mexico, and they had the 'tops optional' section of the beach. At first I was pretty distracted, to say the least, but by the second or third day, it seemed normal, and i had less whiplash. Sorta like legal pot, here in Colorado. After a while you get used to it and it's no big deal. Sure, the rightwingnut nay-sayers had all kinds of negative predictions, none of which have come true, as we enter the third year, and many states are looking to CO as a model, with the majority of voters (58%) in the US saying 'legalize it, don't criminalize it'.
Like booze, it's not for everyone, and should only be available to the 'over 21' crowd. Most importantly, it allows legal medical research for the medicinal qualities, that are REAL, and it frees the police/justice system to deal with REAL criminals, not pot smokers. Plus, it's had the wonderful by-product of kicking the CO economy into high gear, which is all good, (except for the traffic), as people come to visit, then move here, from all over.
That being said, this is an interesting, informational article about the 'pot scene', and pot-tourism here in Colorado.

OK, I know it's juvenile and nasty,

but I have a problem. I can't decide if Ted's face can best be described as 'melting', or 'rodent like', as my golf partner claimed. Maybe a 'melting rodent'? Whichever, it's like Rush's voice, and it turns my stomach....

Like it or not, the people have spoken

Although neither the Dem or Pub candidate officially has the total number of delegates to clinch the nomination, the writing's on the wall. On the Pub side I really don't care if it's Trump or Cruz. Either of them will get CRUSHED in the general election, as they should. BUT, it's time for Bernie to wake up and smell the coffee. He's run a good race, far surpassing all expectations, but it's OVER.
Remember Ralph Nader? Because of Ralph we got GW, and the world isn't the same, and never will be. Just ask the people in the European nations who are dealing with millions of refugees, from Gw and The Dick's Big Adventure, while the MidEast deals with ISIS, who arose after the Pubs decided to start a war, cuz of Saddam's WMD's (Ooops). It did raise the price of oil, TENFOLD, (the main plan) but look at the price, beyond dollars.
Now, Bernie, it's time to ride into the sunset. If you have any doubts, just remember Ralph and GW, and the debacles we suffered because of Nader's ego and Repub policies.

That Damn Obama!

He gave full amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants.
Banned assault rifles.
Secretly armed Iran.
Oooops, sorry..... That was St Ronald. Never mind.....
Can you say Republican hypocrites?

Anyone who's been around for 'many' decades

like I have, realizes that California leads the nation in trends. What's hot in CA, gradually makes it to NE and beyond. That's why this 'letter to the editor' from a Californian is interesting and prophetic, after CA 'emerged from the dead' after their Repub Gov was replaced by a Dem, and they went from 'worst to first'.
Today, the GOP brand is toxic to most Californians, and they are practically an endangered species in this state. You can be a superb GOP candidate and still lose to a mediocre Democrat. In fact, it happens all the time.
And that’s why I doubt that Trump’s carnival show will find much of an audience in California. After all, Democrats couldn’t be happier about how the last 20 years turned out. But a lot of Republicans got burned the last time an ethnic arsonist came here to play with matches. And hopefully, many of them will be leery about once again going near the flame.
Otherwise, there’s another concept that California Republicans might as well get used to: extinction.
Like I said before, the Pub elephant should be replaced with a mammoth. Once mighty, now irrelevant.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

After seeing the latest 'Game of Thrones'

and the Red Queen, I realize I need to get me one of them 'red necklaces'...

This describes them perfectly

The Republicans are structurally fragmented and
 ideologically incoherent, an agglomeration of sects
 with irreconcilable differences. Their only common
 denominator is that all are at war with the changing
 demographics which, at the presidential level, are doing
 the party in.
In short, the GOP of 2016 is Humpty Dumpty, or
Humpty Trumpty, and we know how that turned out....

The Pubs love to think

they are a 'majority', BUT, the last time they won a majority of votes in a presidential election was...... guess........ In the 80's, with Ronald Reagan! Since then they have used Gerrymandering and Pub-appointed state and Scotus judges to 'steal' elections. Guess what? It ain't gonna work anymore. Anyone who can interpret trends, or read a chart can see, obviously, that the Dem base is growing, while the Pubs alienate minorities, women, the young and the educated, BUT, they do have the FOXNews, angry, old, uneducated, white-trash, Bible Belt sheep vote 'down pat'.
Can you say Hasta la vista'? Remember their 'autopsy' after Mitt lost? Ha ha, how's that going for them?

Good article on CNBC this morning,

showing how the Pubs could be crippled for MANY years, if/when Trump is beaten/trounced by Hillary. Traditionally, the runner-up (Cruz) will be the party's next candidate, and he will claim that the party isn't 'Conservative' enough, and will take them even further to the right, which will result in an even larger loss, because the country is moving further left, while the Pubs continue moving further right. Not a good scenario for the Repubs, BUT, nothing but good news for non-Pubs and the country.
Can we get an 'Amen' for Trump, followed by Cruz in 2020? Someday they may learn just being the Party of NO! isn't enough. As Paul Ryan said this morning, 'We need to move past just being the Opposition party to the Proposition party'. Good luck on that one. It's SO much easier to just sit back and bitch and whine, rather than actually put forward policies, as the Pubs refused to even vote on Immigration, (which would have passed, bi-laterally) but continue to bitch when Obama and the Dems actually DID something. Same with Obamacare, which isn't even close to perfect, BUT, how many times have we heard the Pubs are gonna put forward their own health care plan?  Just like they did an 'autopsy' after their last loss, then got WORSE!
Nothing new here, while the dysfunctional Party of No! wonders why they are rapidly going extinct, as the Repub 'Elephant' becomes the (extinct) 'Mammoth'. Perfect....

Monday, April 25, 2016

Who da thunk?

Koch Brothers Consider Purchasing First Democrat

By Andy Borowitz

WICHITA (The Borowitz Report)—Charles and David Koch, the billionaire industrialists who have spent decades acquiring a world-class collection of Republicans, revealed over the weekend that they are considering purchasing their first Democrat.
“We’ve always bought Republicans, and our father bought Republicans before us,” Charles, the elder Koch, said. “They’re bred to be obedient, and they respond to simple commands.”

He said that he and his brother had considered acquiring a Democrat only after determining that none of the Republicans on offer this year was worth adding to their collection.

Watching the Rockies game

and as of the 6th inning the Rocks have had 5 'called' 3rd strikes, with only ONE of them being in the strike zone. Most not even close, PLUS, lots of other terrible 'strike' calls. Players and manager thrown out of game. Insane, as the ump (Lance Barrett) doesn't have a clue. Have seen LOTS of screw jobs by officials, but this is unbelievable....
Just Googled Lance Barrett and saw he LEADS baseball in ejections, for a reason. He makes TERRIBLE calls, esp for strike 3. He cost the Braves a game a week ago and the Reds a game a while before that, shown on Utube. How does this jerk keep his job?

It is SO funny,

as the Repubs, who always counted on their low IQ base, are now FREAKING OUT, cuz those same morons support their self-created monster, Donald Trump. Have I mentioned, you can't BUY entertainment like this, as The Greaseball tries to usurp The Donald, when neither of them have a chance?
Will always look back on this as, 'The good old days', when the Repub party imploded, and blew themselves away. Good riddance, cuz our country couldn't survive another dose of 'Pub Policy'.

After smashing their car into a large oak tree,

while driving drunk, most people wouldn't blame the tow truck driver OR the body shop employees who worked hard to save the 'nearly totalled' vehicle. BUT, the Pubs bitch about Obama and the Dems, cuz 'They haven't fixed it FAST enough!' after the worst recession since the Big D.
Nothing new here, but look at the economy NOW, vs 2008, like any intelligent voter should. And they(R) wonder why they don't stand a chance?

Regarding the 'missing' 28 pages,

which are the 'conclusions' of the '9-11 Report'.  According to the few Pub and Dem Congressmen who have read it, connections were made to Saudi officials who supported the terrorists, while they got pilot training, although they spoke NO English. It is obvious that GW had it buried, so he could get the war he'd always wanted, against Iraq, (who had NOTHING to do with 9-11, or WMD's), while protecting his Big Oil Buddies, the Saudis, (who shared in the $147/bbl oil bonanza, along with his fellow Texans), who held the smoking gun.
Hopefully, we will get to see those pages, and GW and The Dick can be prosecuted as the war criminals they are.
"I was absolutely shocked by what I read," Jones(R) told International Business Times. "What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me. I cannot go into it any more than that. I had to sign an oath that what I read had to remain confidential. But the information I read disappointed me greatly."
The public may soon also get to see these secret documents. Last week, Jones and Lynch introduced a resolution that urges President Obama to declassify the 28 pages, which were originally classified by President George W. Bush. It has never been fully explained why the pages were blacked out, but President Bush stated in 2003 that releasing the pages would violate national security.

I've seen a LOT of stupid shit on FOX,

but this, http://video.foxnews.com/v/4861718678001/napolitano-indictment-or-not-hillary-faces-catastrophe/?intcmp=hphz16#sp=show-clips
has to be near the top, as 'Judge' Napolidumbshit explains how Hillary WILL be indicted for treason (stealing govt secrets, with private server), and if she's NOT, it'll be such a HUGE scandal that the Dems will have to remove her, as the nominee, to SAVE Obama's presidency.

Napolitano: Indictment or Not, Hillary Faces Catastrophe


The sheep believe this crap? I realize the the herd is ignorant, but this is 'off the chart', even for FOX/PARP, better known as 'Bullshit Mountain', where the sheep get their 'news'.
PS These are the same idiots who have 'no problem' with GW's 'Oops, No WMD's War', based on lies, that cost trillions and killed thousands. Can you say 'Brain Dead?'

Thanks to the Pubs,

we got 'Citizens United', which claims, 'Corporations Are People', and Big Money is allowed to openly buy politicians, unlike how it used to be 'illegal' to bribe Congressmen, but Pubs recognized a gold mine when they saw one. But, they're not really people, cuz real people have to pay taxes, while corporations pay accountants and lobbyists instead.
And who do you think makes up the difference?  Yup, us.
Thanks again, Republicans....
Nothing new here, and I can definitely see why the 1% are Pubs, but what the hell is wrong with the  sheep? Oh yeah, they believe the crap from FOX/PARP, which is just another reason why I can't stand 'em(R). Willful or not, ignorance is ignorance, and the Repub party depends on it, like mushrooms depend on manure, to survive.

Just when you think

they(R) can't get any more ridiculous, they always do. Now, The Greaseball and Kasich are gonna tag-team The Donald, to try and deny the nomination to the most popular Pub. Why? SO the Repubs can field Cruz, who is even LESS likely to win, according to all polls. I don't think the Repub brass, who live in the FOXNews 'echo chamber' have any clue how much the average American can't stand to even look at/listen to the anti-immigrant immigrant, with his patronizing, Southern preacher-style voice and slimy face, let alone his whack-job policies, like returning to the 'gold standard', along with his anti-woman, anti-science, FAR right-wing agenda.
I DO know it's ongoing, almost 'too good to be true' entertainment, for those of us who realize our country, and our finances, couldn't survive another assault on the US treasury, by the party of GW and The Dick, while their party is floundering like a tempest tossed ship, crashing on the rocks. Fun to watch, though...
Remember The Alamo? Hell no. 'Remember 2008!'
This just in:
The mutual non-aggression pact between Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appeared to hit a speed bump mere hours after it was announced on Sunday.
The two Republican presidential candidates are hoping to stop front-runner Donald Trump from winning delegates in upcoming primaries by dividing time and resources between their respective campaigns. Cruz will focus on winning in Indiana, while Kasich will focus on winning in New Mexico and Oregon.
But the duo hit a ditch on the messaging front on Monday, after Kasich told reporters that Indiana voters should still vote for him — even if his campaign is planning on focusing on other contests.
LOL. What a bunch of clowns.....

Sunday, April 24, 2016

As part of a larger article,

'Why I'm Ashamed to be a Republican', this is a small, but important part, dealing with foreign policy.

The Republican Party is the party of the warfare state. Closing a domestic military base is implausible. Scrapping a weapons system is out of the question. Cutting the bloated defense budget is inconceivable. Invading and occupying other countries is viewed as defensive warfare. Bombing, maiming, and killing whomever the government labels as “the enemy” is viewed as defending our freedoms. Why would anyone be proud to be a Republican?
The Republican Party is the party of empire. Republicans support the stationing of troops and the maintaining of foreign military bases all over the globe—including in Germany, Italy, and Japan even though World War II ended 70 years ago. Closing an overseas military base is unthinkable. Bringing all of the troops home is unimaginable. Why would anyone be proud to be a Republican?
The Republican Party is the party of foreign aid. Republicans have no philosophical objection whatsoever to taking money from American taxpayers and giving it to corrupt foreign regimes, including bribing them with cash and military equipment to get them to obey U.S. dictates. Spending on foreign aid practically doubled during the Bush years. Why would anyone be proud to be a Republican?
The Republican Party is the party of an aggressive, belligerent, and meddling interventionist foreign policy. Republicans believe that the United States should be a busybody who polices the world and tells every other country what it should and shouldn’t do. They fully support CIA covert activities and torture—as long as the American people don’t find out about it. Why would anyone be proud to be a Republican?
Proud to be a Republican? Why would anyone who leaned even the slightest bit libertarian ever say such a thing? Ashamed is more like it, as the article describes today's Republican voter, who views the world with his head 'firmly implanted'.....

With timeless language, 'The Bard' perfectly describes The Donald

"A tale of sound and fury, told by an idiot, signifying nothing." The indelible phrase is from Macbeth, Shakespeare's drama of a megalomaniac whose bloody ambition and untethered soul tears apart his country. But it perfectly captures Donald Trump's campaign for president.
However, I would disagree, somewhat. It does signify SOMETHING. It shows us how far 'out there' a segment(R) of our society actually is. To me, it is truly frightening that MILLIONS of Americans(R) can look at The Donald and say, 'Yup, that's who I want as the President of MY country '. UNbelievable, but SO Republican, and representative of what a thorough brain-washing, by the X-spurts at FOXNews, can accomplish, as they preach that our country has been 'wrecked', totally ignoring what GW and The Dick did to us, as compared to NOW.

The sheep love to parrot the FOX/PARP talking points

that Hillary is dishonest, a liar and untrustworthy, and when asked to be more specific, they consistently say BENGHAZI! and 'private server', just as they have been programmed to think and say by their masters at Bullshit Mountain, where the divorce between rhetoric and reality is celebrated daily.
BUT, after over 50 hearings, it's been shown she did nothing wrong, and NO ONE could have saved the embassy workers who were dead within less than 100 minutes after the attack began. BTW, BEFORE the attack, the Pubs voted to reduce embassy security costs by over $100 mil ,which they conveniently forget to mention.
As for the 'private server, designed by the Secret Service for ex-prez, husband Bill,it has proven to be more secure than the State Dept system which was hacked by the Russians.
Does this matter to the sheep? Of course not. They have their talking points, that's their story and they're sticking to it. But, if they wanted FACTS...
We do know that the official State Department email system was indeed penetrated by the Russians, along with the White House unclassified email system, and Ms Clinton sent NO classified emails on her server, but that won't stop the Republicans, who are looking for SOMETHING to hang on her.
The bottom line: If she had followed the rules and used her official email address, Vladimir Putin might actually have had a leg up on reading her correspondence.

Considering the 'steaming pile' of unemployment

and the crashing economy, with home values losing HALF, after the debacle of GW and The Dick(R), it seems just a little over the top, as FOXNews bitches about Obama's legacy, after all he's done to fix their(R) MESS.

 Is Obama not just a tad concerned that his legacy will include the notion that he frittered away eight years pursuing his personal agenda while ignoring the concerns of the nation, like jobs and incomes? A list that does not, by the way, include whose face is on the twenty dollar bill?
This is just part of the crap shoveled to the sheep this morning, as Bullshit Mountain set the manure spreader on HIGH. And the dysfunctional party represented by PARP wonders why they don't have a chance in hell of winning the presidency?

Obama's constant meddling is killing us, America. We need leadership, not tinkering.

I knew I liked Prince, and his music,

but I didn't realize how much, until I saw the many tributes and clips of his performances this week. SNL was esp good as this week's show consisted of his performances on that show, over the years. An amazing talent, that merged genres and was shown in his prolific writing, singing, dancing and esp his musicianship. I didn't know, or had forgotten what a fantastic guitarist he was. Wow, some amazing solos that seemed so effortless. A 'one of a kind', and the world is a lesser place without him, and his music.

Wow, a Repub that makes sense and tells the truth?

What is this, April Fools Day? After admitting Bill Clinton was a better prez than GW, Charles Koch wasn't finished on his 'truth tour'.
WASHINGTON, April 23 (Reuters) - Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, a key source of financing for conservative Republican causes along with his brother, said Democrat Hillary Clinton might make a better president than the candidates in the Republican field.
The 'Big Money boys must REALLY be getting scared, as they contemplate a White House occupied by Trump or Cruz, which should scare the crap out of any thinking American, OR citizen of the world.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

With Netflix, Amazon and HBO,

we see a lot of movies, but one of my faves, which we just saw today, is 'Far From The Madding Crowd', the 2015 version. Julie Christie did a great job in '67, but this adaptation is amazing. Kinda lame, tired plot, with the woman who can't decide who she loves, but the cast, music, and esp the scenery in southern England is off the chart. A fantastic period piece, if you're into that kind of 'mushy stuff', which we are, when it involves British film....

Today on the Denver TV news,

we see how passengers at DIA are in lines OVER THREE HOURS, and they're missing flights and all that entails, cuz the TSA is WAY understaffed, after the Pubs, who created the Bush admin fiasco, refuse to fund their Frankenstin monster, to 'save tax dollars'.
Yup, they(R) act like they are 'fiscally responsible', while they wreck our lives. Security is one thing, but the TSA monster is out of control.
Like the turds they(R) are, they need to be FLUSHED! Nothing new here, as 'we the people' live with Repub bullshit.

Pubs are famous, for perpetuating lies,

and one of the biggest is, 'We are the most fiscally responsible, and the best business party'. That is such a joke. Just look at the US under Clinton(D), then the HUGE mess under Bush(R), and now the sustained recovery under Obama(D).
An even more obvious turn-around was in California, which nearly went bankrupt under many years of Repub 'leadership', (Schwartzegger), then the total turn around under Jerry Berry Brown(D). From near worst to near first.
The sheep love to listen to FOX, the Political Arm of the Repub Party (PARP), where lies are repeated until the flock accepts them as truth. AND, if you live in a Red State, things may well be bleak. BUT, look at ANY form of measurement and the Pubs are exposed as what they are. TERRIBLE managers of business, finance, foreign policy and the general economy. Even a double digit IQ rightwingnut should be able to see that, unless they are willfully ignorant, which is VERY common...

File it under, 'Duh, it's about time'


DEA gives approval to Colorado-funded study on marijuana and PTSD

The Denver Post had a good article this morning,
about studies that show cannabis is an excellent med to treat the PTSD that SO many vets come home with. Yup, in Pub world, they'll send your ass to a foreign country, invaded cuz of Repub LIES, then throw your ass in jail for relieving the stress with a naturally occurring herb that the vets themselves say works best. The govt will give you opiates, that are KNOWN to be dangerous, habit-forming and lethal, but get caught with pot, in a Red State, and you'll be prosecuted.
Finally, Colorado and couple other states are making it legal to do the actual medical studies that are needed to find the truth, as Pub states still consider it a Schedule 1 drug, and prosecute accordingly, though 58% of US citizens think it should be legal.
And they(R) wonder WHY they're a dying breed. As always, they'll EVENTUALLY come around to reality, after the rightwingnuts are dragged, kicking and screaming into fact-based modern society, as they typically create a HUGE problem, then fight all efforts to fix it, and bitch about those who are left to clean up their 'steaming piles', cuz they don't do it 'fast enough'. Nothing new here, but sickening just the same. Have I ever mentioned how I can't stand 'em(R)?

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Pub candidates have said some REALLY stupid stuff

and I don't have time or room list all the crap, BUT, The Greaseball is competing with The Donald when it comes to being REALLY 'out there'.
"America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat.", according to Tec Cruz. 

Historical day, today,

as light-rail connects downtown Denver to DIA, the airport. You can now fly into DIA and take a train all the way to Winter Park, the Denver-owned ski area. And, along the way, you can spend some time, with or without an Uber driver, while you check out the best micro brews in the world, OR, you can try some of the local herb. No driving, just trains and Uber drivers. Wow! And you wonder why the young, educated, mobile population is visiting, then moving here, as there are jobs, jobs, jobs advertised EVERYWHERE?
OR, you could live in a Red state, like Kansas or Indiana.... Can you say Hasta la vista????
Pic is from Broomfield.

WHY, is climate change a political issue?

You'd have to ask the Pubs who are financed by Big Oil, and all forms of Big Money, while being consistently ANTI-science. Yup, Rush and Sean fight over 97% of scientists who actually know 'of what they speak'.
Nothing new here, as it's Pubs vs reality and the 'common good'. I can totally understand the 1% being Repubs, but WTF is wrong with the rest of them? Oh yeah, FOXNews is treated as truth, in 'sheepworld'. Never mind....

Bernie Sanders is a good guy

with a lot of good ideas, BUT, Hillary is gonna be the Dem candidate. Some Bernie supporters are upset and wanna protest with a write-in, or not vote. Let me give them 'two words'. Ralph Nader. Because of the 3% of 'protest votes' that he siphoned off from Al Gore, we got GW and The Dick.
I never have forgiven Nader's ego-filled campaign that gave us the crew that wrecked our country. SO, to the Bernie supporters, just remember the Repub party, GW and The Dick and the Repub inspired Crash of 2008, not to mention TWO stupid wars. Case closed...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The rightwingnuts love to say,

'Hillary is SO terrible, the country couldn't survive her, so we HAVE to get a Pub in office'. Oh REALLY? HRC would basically be a continuation of the Obama years. Just compare the country, by ANY means, incl the Pub 'misery index', any economic chart, or just remember the Crash of 2008, the worst since the Big D.
And the Repubs say Hillary will wreck the country? What the hell are they smoking? We have nothing that 'mind bending' in Colorado.
Oh yeah, they just listen to/believe Bullshit Mountain. Never mind.....

Interesting article on AOL today,

concerning world leaders who thought GW Bush was a total disaster, but now they have to deal with the thought of Donald Trump, and they're freaking out, when they realize what the Repubs are capable of.
How do you explain to a world leader, after hearing the crap that comes out of Trump's mouth, knowing he's the LEADING Pub candidate. Hard to understand, let alone explain. BUT, if you realize the power that FOXLies holds over the sheep, at least it's understandable, no matter HOW sick/sad it is...
And in SECOND place in Pubville, you have the Greaseball. UNbelievable.....

Obviously, the buyers didn't read the FOXNews article,

that said, 'Colorado Going Down the Tubes'. What? FOX got the story wrong? Duh...


Denver, Boulder hit record high home prices in March

Of seven metros nationally where the median price of a home sold reached record highs in March, four were in Colorado

By Aldo Svaldi
The Denver Post

POSTED:   04/20/2016 11:22:00 AM MD

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's 4-20 in Colorado,

which is a remembrance of Columbine, when 2 punks killed a bunch of kids and a teacher, several of whom bled to death while the highly paid SWAT team hid in the parking lot, finally entering 2 hours after Dillon and Kleebold killed themselves. They then billed the school district MILLIONS of dollars so they could PROVE who did it. Their conclusion? It was Dillon and Kleebold, and they got lots of OVERTIME along the way. JERKS!

Good 'Open Letter' today,

to Donald Trump, from a high school Social Studies teacher who is forced to confront his statements and policies in her high school class. Great article, but here is the gist of it.
 Hatred and bigotry, really bad ideas before you came along, are now alive for first-hand analysis in every classroom coast to coast. You are energizing a generation of young people to fight back.
Once you flame out, they won’t let you happen again. This is the source of my optimism.
Well said, if you're looking for something good to come out of the Trump campaign. Other than WRECKING the Pub party, that is....http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nick-gregory/an-open-letter-to-donald-trump-teacher_b_9695866.html?utm_hp_ref=politics

Wow, I am SO glad

that I have my blog, to blow off steam. SO, when I meet Repubs in real life I can smile and act like I don't think they're CRAZY! I can totally avoid talking politics in public, or private, cuz I can dump on Pubs HERE. Works for me.... BTW, Congrats to Donald and Hillary. CU in November.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I've heard MANY times,

Politics suck, and the Dems and Pubs are all rotten. True, the Dems have LOTS of problems, but NOTHING like the Pubs, whose main policies are to start wars, and change rules, so their Big Bank, Big Oil, Big Defense, Big Money, anti-science, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, Pro-war party can rape the middle class. Remember the last Pub administration?
What's their main gripe against Bernie? He wants the govt to use our tax dollars, like the rest of the world, to provide health care and education, (instead of a HUGELY bloated military), to the citizens. OMG! He's the DEVIL!

After the 9-11 attacks,

the Bushies found out there were 3 Afghanis, from the remote tribal regions, and the rest were Saudis. SO, what did GW and The Dick do? They attacked Afg, THEN attacked Iraq, killing thousands and spending trillions, who had NOTHING to do with it, kicking the hornet's nest of the Mid East, creating ISIS and the refugee crisis that goes on today, and the US went from having the sympathy of the world, to worldwide disdain. Thanks, Pubs.
Now, the rightwingnuts can't figure WHY the world despises US(R) policy. Same old crap from the Viet Nam mindset, as a FEW Daddy Warbucks(R) made HUUUGE profits, while the rest of us pay for it with blood and money. Who can't understand this? Oh yeah, the FOXNews sheep, who think 'patriotism' means 'kicking ass', in small, brown-skinned countries.
Nothing new here, but sickening, just the same. What a bunch of idiots(R)....
Now as their shit hits the fan, all over Europe and the MidEast, what do the rightwingnuts do? Fight over gays using the wrong restroom, of course. Total, unrepentant a**holes(R), as always....