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Sunday, June 03, 2018

As the swamp gets larger and stinks MORE

Pruitt Enjoyed Coal Baron’s VIP Sports Seats As EPA Cut Back On Regulations

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt luxuriated in a coal baron’s pricey ringside basketball seats last year as he and President Donald Trump have sought to dismantle a system of environmental regulations that coal companies oppose.
Pruitt’s strong ties to Craft represent one more issue in a mountain of ethical questions about the EPA chief, who’s the target of at least a dozen investigations.  He has come under fire for record spending — on himself — at the EPA, including $3,200 on special pens and personal journals, $3.5 million on security last year, a $43,000 soundproof phone booth for his office, and a $120,000 trip to Italy

We all remember that the VERY FIRST THING that the newly elected Repub majority did was to hold a closed-door, midnight meeting to ELIMINATE the Congressional Ethics Committee, BUT thankfully they were exposed and stopped. Now, as they do their job, Jared Kushner's father had a quote yesterday.

Kushner’s Father Slams Ethics Watchdogs As ‘Jerks’ Who Can’t Get A ‘Real Job’


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