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Pruitt Enjoyed Coal Baron’s VIP Sports Seats As EPA Cut Back On Regulations

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt luxuriated in a coal baron’s pricey ringside basketball seats last year as he and President Donald Trump have sought to dismantle a system of environmental regulations that coal companies oppose.
Pruitt’s strong ties to Craft represent one more issue in a mountain of ethical questions about the EPA chief, who’s the target of at least a dozen investigations.  He has come under fire for record spending — on himself — at the EPA, including $3,200 on special pens and personal journals, $3.5 million on security last year, a $43,000 soundproof phone booth for his office, and a $120,000 trip to Italy

We all remember that the VERY FIRST THING that the newly elected Repub majority did was to hold a closed-door, midnight meeting to ELIMINATE the Congressional Ethics Committee, BUT thankfully they were exposed and stopped. Now, as they do their job, Jared Kushner's father had a quote yesterday.

Kushner’s Father Slams Ethics Watchdogs As ‘Jerks’ Who Can’t Get A ‘Real Job’


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