I NEVER watch FOXNews on TV,

cuz seeing such blatant LIES, that I know the sheep BELIEVE, really pisses me off, BUT, was flipping through the channels and saw 'their new motto?'
No shit.
This is their new motto after 'Fair and Balanced' which even THEY couldn't say, without laughing their asses off, was replaced?
SOOOO, it's hard to argue with the Bullshit Mountain motto, "REAL (honest?) Opinion."
Yup, you can't be sued for admitting it's 'real, honest opinion'.
BUT, the a-holes at FOX  market the crap as real 'news', and the gullible sheep 'gobble it up', cuz it's what they wanna hear.and they're NEVER disappointed.
Dems BAD---Pubs GOOD, 24 hours per day.
Total bullshit and total FOX/PARP.
WHAT? Is there some kind of 'prosecutable' charge, concerning LIES as NEWS, which makes FOX illegal, like it is in Canada, that made them change their motto?
Yup, it's illegal to present LIES as NEWS in Canada.
Unfortunately, the US makes it legal, cuz of the first amendment.
UnF-ing real, but true....


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