Remember the Pubs continual attacks

Against the Clintons?
First Whitewater, with Ken Starr, for over two years, and they found out about a BJ, on the prez. OMG, you'd think it was the end of the world. Sex and he LIED about it!
Now look at Dotard, the Pussy Grabber and the sex payoffs. No problem.
Then it was BENGHAZI!, after Pub ordered embassy cutbacks, Americans died, BUT, Hillary, they said, LIED about it. She didn't, but look at the YUUUGE pile of lies from Dotard. No Problem.
Then we had the YUUUUGE private server mess. OMG, we could be hacked, and foreign govts could infiltrate our election. OMG!
Now we have the info of the Russians, with a YUUUUGE number of meetings, calls and emails with the Trump team, plus all the social media meddling. But, for the Pubs, No Problem.

Can you say HYPOCRITES?


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