Just read another Bullshit Mountain article that REALLY pissed me off, AGAIN

Remember when YOU had to choose? Straight or gay?
Wow, what a tough choice that kept us all awake at night.
Go for the opposite sex, or screw up your life being gay?
Only in FOX/Bible Belt Bullshit world is this a 'thing', as we are all 'born that way', straight or gay, BUT, the rightwingnut Pubs (is there any other kind?) act like it's a CHOICE.
What do you do with these idiots?
Oh yeah, preach to them from the pulpit and FOX, get 'em to vote Pub, and get an A-hole like the Dotard as prez, cuz he's 'born again'. Excuse me while I puke....
If I gotta explain, you won't understand.
Thanks again, Roger Ailes, and the Bible Belt, for your 'gift' to our country, the Pussy Grabber, who's bringing back the neocon Iraq War LIARS back into power, as his lawyer pays $130,000 to a LYING porn star. Yeah right...
SURPRISE! The same sheeple who believe in Noah's Ark/Adam and Eve swallow Trump/FOX lies. I'm shocked...


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