Really funny Kimmel Show

after Dotard's lawyer quit. but WHICH lawyer?
The one handling the first paid-off porn star, or the second, or the Playmate, who he left with CASH, or his bankruptcy lawyer, or his lawyer dealing with immigrants, or the ones who were SCREWED by Trump University, or Trump steaks, or Trump wine, or another bankruptcy lawyer, or his Russian collusion lawyer, or ANOTHER bankruptcy lawyer...
Hard to keep the lawyers straight.....
Bottom line, 'if I gotta explain, you won't understand', and just go back to FOX, for your daily dosage of bullshit, anally applied.
How many Trumps does it take to screw in a light bulb?
We'll never know, cuz after he screws something, he pays her $130,000 (while his wife has his son) not to tell us, and his 'Christian' minions say, Amen, vote Republican!


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