If I could only check ONE economic indicator each day

it would definitely be the Ten Year Bond. It's the ultimate, 'vote with your wallet, put your money where your mouth is' indicator. LOTS of smart investors go in and out of the bond market with YUUUGE amounts of money and it's the best reflection (IMHO) oh how'real money' thinks the economy is doing.
Right now, Big Money isn't impressed with Dotard's efforts, as the yield is around 2.8%, and dropping.....
There have been assaults on 3.0, but then the Orange Clown says or does something REALLY stoopid and the 10 year retreats, AGAIN.
IF, we bust through 3 and it keeps going up, THEN I'll believe that 'real' money believes.
But not until then, as the most UNQUALIFIED jerk, in the history of modern times, is 'in charge' of our country, bouncing from one chaotic mess to another, firing the adults in the room while just barely staying ahead of an indictment.
Lock Him Up. Lock Him Up!


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