FINALLY, Dotard's team found someone

who would stand with the Liar in Chief and catapult his his lies. A small-time, unknown lawyer,
past the age of retirement was bribed into The Orange Clown's defense.
Yup, the Liar who promised us Mexico would pay for the wall AND, we'd get tired of 'winning so much', finally found another sucker.
SOOOO, you tired yet? I sure am. Tired of the LIES and bullshit....
Trump's legal team elevates 

Andrew Ekonomou, little-known Atlanta attorney

A former prosecutor with a background in medieval
history will play a prominent role in President Donald
Trump’s legal defense during the ongoing Russia
probe, lawyers for the president confirmed Wednesday.
Andrew Ekonomou, 69, had been part of a small team
of attorneys helping Jay Sekulow, a personal attorney
for Trump


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