In a business where 'The House Always Wins',

you can see the results of that YUUUUGE mathematical advantage on the Vegas strip, and downtown Vegas, as well as all the Indian Casinos and the Colorado (and other states) gambling towns that have had YUUUUGE success and YUUUUGE growth.
The ONLY time I know of, where bad management could LOSE this built-in advantage is in Atlantic City, where Dotard had a virtual monopoly, and ran his business into the ground.
A business with a BUILT-IN advantage.
SOOO, he just skimmed the money off the top and declared bankruptcy, leaving hundreds of small businesses 'holding the bag' with YUUUGE losses.
This was only one of MANY bankruptcies that the sleazy NYC 'businessman' and his shady lawyers pulled,, among THOUSANDS of lawsuits against him for his crooked practices.
SOOOO, it only goes to show, 'wow, this guy is presidential material', according to FOX-PARP and the clueless sheep who support him.
Unbelievable, but SO Republican.....


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