USAToday is always 'middle of the road', politically,

BUT, they can't remain quiet as Dotard seems determined to wreck the US and world economy.

, USA Today

On Donald Trump's foreign policy, there is no method to his apparent madness

On trade, Trump announces $50 billion in tariffs on China, has his Treasury secretary announce that those levies are on hold, then says that they are back on again. He bobs and weaves on steel tariffs against U.S. allies in Europe and North America, ultimately deciding to go forward with them despite certain retaliation. Even the Canadians are enraged, which takes some doing.
These confusing policies look a lot like other chaotic aspects of his 500-day presidency, such as the turmoil in staffing, attacks on law enforcement and the steady stream of false or misleading statements. The cumulative impact is to erode America's global standing and leadership.
The president's erratic policies do real harm over the long term. Businesses require stability when they make decisions about major investments. Both the United States and its chief allies need the world's only superpower to act in accordance with consistent principles, not according to the latest whims of a leader who sees each day as a new episode of a reality television show. 


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