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As always, I wonder,

What do the rightwingnuts watch, late night? Do they watch FOXNews ALL THE TIME?
Or do they go to bed early, for their minimum wage, early morning job?
OR, if they see the late night hosts, do the sheep scream at the screen, cuz ALL late shows make fun of the Orange Clown(R)?
Is there an IQ barrier they aren't allowed to cross?
Who knows what the nutballs think, (if they do), as their semi-smart clown knows exactly what stupid people want to hear, and intelligent, witty people make fun of them.

'Bout that time of year.

when we start thinking about a trip to a sunny beach. Will have to start checking out travel deals.
I hear the beaches around Playa del Carmen are nice.
Some day I'd like to check out this place...
and do the 'Platinum Club', to avoid the riff raff.

As much as I can't stand the Orange Clown,

it could have been worse, as the Pubs stole a SCOTUS nomination. Bad news, OK news. Screw the Pubs for their theft, BUT, it could have been worse...

In the Pub world of 'alternate facts' and doublespeak,

the Orange Clown said, 'This is a very, very strict ban.' And when asked about it, his paid stooge, Steve Spicer said, 'This is NOT a ban'.
Same old shit from the same bad actors, as those who actually KNOW, say Trump's edict is unconstitutional and illegal, BUT, another of his stooges is taking the place of the former Atty Gen, who was told by Beauregard Jefferson Sessions, 'Sometimes you have to say NO to the president when you know he's wrong, Would you do that?' And she said yes, which got her fired by El Presidente, the tin pot dictator wannabe....

Yahoo, Trump set a record for having a 'majority' of Americans against him, according to Gallup. It takes most Repub presidents over a year...

Hmmm, I wonder who to believe?

The Pubs say the Dems are just being jerks, like the Pubs were for 8 years, refusing to vote for SCOTUS and YUUUUGE number of judgeships, as they did nothing but Just say NO! during Obama's entire presidency. The Dems say they need some questions answered, before the Pubs steamroll past them.

Explaining the boycott, Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said the two nominees “misled the public and held back important information about their backgrounds.” “Until questions are answered, Democrats believe the committee should not move forward with either nomination. ... This is about getting answers to questions, plain and simple. Ethics laws are not optional, and nominees do not have a right to treat disclosure like a shell game,” he added. Plans to boycott the hearings were first discussed on Monday evening, senior Democratic aides told The Huffington Post, with committee members expressing frustration over the answers, or lack thereof, they’d received from Mnuchin an…

Trump's latest illegal, unconstitutional (obviously) move,

without even cosulting the Dept of Homeland Security, until it was done, continues to show he doesn't have the experience or emotional/intellectual/ethical qualities needed to be president. THEN, he fired the Atty Gen for doing her job. Five federal judges have agreed with her, but he installed his own stooge/yes man, to circumvent the law.
The good news? The ACLU rec'd over $24 million in donations, more than a year's average, on the day after. that will go to some good causes, now that we have Steve Bannon, whose only experience is being a rightwing (Breitbart) rabble rouser, being placed in a position on the NSC, over the Joint Chief of Staff.
Wow, that sure makes me feel safe and secure. Trump and Bannon, in charge of our nuclear weapons. OMG! What could possibly go wrong?
In other news, the clown said he would have a Prime Time announcement, tonight, just like a new 'The Apprentice' season, and he will get in front of the cameras (his favorite thing) and tell…

Wow, he did it!

My neice Tori's husband, Martin Barnett, a Welshman, succeeded in summitting the highest peak on each continent, by successfully climbing Antarctica's highest peak, last week. Would have been sooner, but he had to re-do Everest when he saved a life near the peak of Everest, in stead of reaching the top, and had to go back another year.
Marty has joined a VERY SMALL group of determined, dedicagted climbers with his latest achievement.
Now he gets a REAL adventure. Tori is pregnant with Little Marty. Yahoo! Congrats Martin, and Tori...

Martin Barnett added 8 new photos.January 28 at 10:11am · 
I'm now back in Patagonia. I would just like to thank my friends and family for your support in helping me complete the seven summits - I could have never done it without you - Especially ToriJoan & Gavin

Over a million Brits have signed the petition,

to keep Trump out of the country, and the number is growing 'Bigly'. Citing his 'misogyny and vulgarity', Brits from all over England are are banding together to ban him from their country.

Wow, if only WE had that option.... The petition reads:

Donald Trump should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen. Donald Trump’s well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Therefore during the term of his presidency Donald Trump should not be invited to the United Kingdom for an official State Visit.
As of Sunday afternoon more than 1,000 people each minute were signing the petition, the Independent reported.
Parliament considers any petition with more than 100,000 signatures, so it will discuss the document at an upcoming session.
DJT, what an embarrassment to America and humanity in general....

Just being around the clown damages their brains...

A year ago, Pence thought that calls to ban Muslims were “offensive and unconstitutional.” Last summer, Mattis said, “This kind of thing is causing us great damage.” In June, Ryan said, “I do not think it is reflective of our principles, not just as a party but as a country.” On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary James Mattis stood beside Trump, clapping and nodding as he signed the executive order (while Paul Ryan and other top Republicans were largely quiescent). In other news, with an approval rating Trump will look upon as 'the good old days', over HALF of the country disapproves of performance so far. Duh...
AND, Scarier and scarier. Trump has reorganized the National Security Council by elevating his chief political strategist Steve Bannon, and demoting the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Bannon will join the NSC's principals committee, the top inter-agency group advising the President on national…

A short message for the sheep,

who get fed lies from FOX, and think we need 'extreme vetting';
From '60 Minutes' tonight.
Less than 1 % of refugees who apply, get the chance to be vetted , to immigrate to the US.
The vetting process takes from 18 to 24 months, and includes multiple interviews, and most, by far, don't make it.
NONE of them has attacked the US,
BUT the Orange Clown thinks we need to change, for his ignorant minions...
BTW, these refugees and thousands of others are there because of GW and The Dick, and their bullshit war, that totally screwed up a YUUGE part of the world...

FOXNews has a message for the sheep today

You can read it for yourself, BUT, if you don't want to dive into the crap of FOXNews, here is the message, in a nutshell. Again, read it for yourself, but here it is...
No matter how offensive Trump is, defend him, no matter what, cuz it is necessary for the Repub party.
No Shit! Read the article, from Bullshit Mountain, as they tell the sheep what to do and say, no matter HOW BAD he is. Read it here:
In essence, how to be a brain dead sheep, and defend the Pub propaganda, no matter WHAT the Orange Clown says/does....

In a quick recap of, 'How the hell did we get here?',

I can't help but think back to the Repub clown car, where the last two standing were Ted Cruz and the Orange Clown, who wasn't even CLOSE to being a real Republican. Nearly the entire 'leadership' of the party of NO! couldn't stand him. BUT, the other choice was OMG!, Ted Cruz, who Donald accused of being the Zodiac killer and claimed his dad had helped kill JFK.
The double digit IQ Repub base swallowed the bullshit, and completely rejected the 15 actual Pubs in the clown car.
Then, with the help of 'bigly' amounts of fake news, two YUUUGE attacks by FBI stooge James Comey, and the on-going drip-drip of Putin-supplied dirty laundry from Hillary and the Dem party, the arrogant, egotistical clown was 'put over the top', by less than one percent, of the truly desperate, in three Rust Belt states.
Oh yeah, and there was that CONSTANT barrage of lies and propaganda from FOXNews, where over half of the low info, low education Bible Belters were convinced…

Since 9-11, over 730,000 immigrants

have settled in America, Most of them displaced by 'GW's Big Adventure. Guess how many have committed committed terrorist acts?  ZERO.
The largest subset have been ex-military, troubled US soldiers, who had PTSD and were traumatized by the war they witnessed and participated in.
As always, thanks again, George(R).....

As the Liar in Chief continues his 'whoppers'

Republicans, the nation looks to you By Garrison Keillor Washington Post Writers Group
Garrison Keilor, a folksy, rural writer is one of my favorite commentators, esp when it comes to Trump.

Garrison Keillor is an author, entertainer and former host of “A Prairie Home Companion.” What we know so far is that the man is who he is. There is no larger, finer man inside him trying to get out. Everyone who is paying attention knows this. Flags flying at the Capitol, the U.S. Marine Band, gray eminences in black coats, and He Who Is Smarter than Those With Intelligence delivers 16 minutes of hooey and horse hockey about corrupt politicians betraying the people, and American carnage, and patriotism healing our divisions, though the division is mainly about Himself and love of country does not necessarily make people stupid.  T-shirts are made in Asian countries because Americans don’t want to pay $20 for one. Coal yields to natural gas as renewable energy marches forward. Who doesn’t get thi…

The first week has Trump's fingerprints all over it

Deception, dissembling, exaggeration — what Fortune magazine called his “astonishing ability to prevaricate” — has deep roots in Mr. Trump’s business career. In innumerable interviews over the years, Mr. Trump glibly inflated everything from the size of his speaking fees to the cost of his golf club memberships to the number of units he had sold in new Trump buildings. In project after project, he faced allegations of broken promises, deceit or outright fraud, from Trump University students who said they had been defrauded, to Trump condominium buyers who said they had been fleeced, to small-time contractors who said Mr. Trump had fabricated complaints about their work to avoid paying them.
This just in: The clown was on the phone with his comrade, Putin for an hour today. The buffoon won't say what was discussed, BUT, the Russians are saying 'lifting sanctions' was discussed, and they are celebrating. They must have some good pics of the Orange Jerk. Yup, now we&…

As the shit storm, known as The Donald, descends on the US,

it's consequences are just beginning to be felt. Google recalled it's employees from countries affected
by the whackjob in the White House.

Google called on its employees who may be affected by President Trump’s immigration order to get back to the U.S. as soon as possible, according to a report published Saturday. Bloomberg obtained a copy of a memo from the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. "It’s painful to see the personal cost of this executive order on our colleagues," Pichai wrote. "We’ve always made our view on immigration issues known publicly and will continue to do so." An unidentified source told Bloomberg that the concern is that employees from one of the seven countries that Trump identified may not be allowed back in to the U.S., even if that person has  a valid visa. The State Department said the three-month ban in the directive applied to Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen - all Muslim-majority nations, but none of the nations (w…

It's hard to know where to start

in reviewing Trump's first week. Telling the CIA leaders that 'maybe next time' we could keep Iraq's oil? Lying about inauguration crowd size and 3-5 million illegal voters? Renaming his inauguration 'Patriotic Devotion Day'?
And so it went, each day feeling scarier than the one before, and Trump’s sycophantic aides modeling his own fact-free rants — press secretary Sean Spicer’s falsehood-filled briefing-room tirade, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway’s brazen defense of “alternative facts,” chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon’s brutish admonition to the media to “keep its mouth shut.” Trump himself outdid his petty obsession with crowd size with his delusional obsession with popular-vote fraud, first behind closed doors with incredulous congressional leaders , then for all the world to watch in his ABC interview. What was once delusional ego-salving now appears headed for official inquiry.  And this was the FIRST WEEK', OMG, what are we in for???…

While Trump is busy fulfilling campaign promises,

I'm still waiting for him to sue the YUUUUGE number of women who said he sexually assaulted them. He claimed they were all liars, and he would sue them. Maybe he just doesn't have time, with the (at least) 75 lawsuits he still has against him, for little things like not paying for work he had done, and cheating and lying and ripping people off at Trump U.
Inquiring minds want to know... Then there's that income tax return thing...

Even the brain-dead rightwingnuts oughta understand

that by destroying the Mexican economy, the Orange Clown is gonna YUUUGELY increase the number of Mexicans needing work, and send them south to make a living. The peso has already lost over 20% of it's value, and as Trump's other punitive actions take effect, (cuz they won't agree to pay for his wall), the migration to the US will only increase. Doesn't take a rocket surgeon, (the brightest of the wingnuts) to see this.
Plus, you have the cost of imports from Mexico, where nearly all of our fresh fruit and veggies come from, this time of year, will dramatically increase, AND we won't have the Mexican field laborers to harvest the crops in the US.
PLUS, you now have the Mexican govt implying they won't be stopping and searching traffic to the US, making it easier for meth and heroin to enter the US market
The dumbshit has been prez for about a week, and he's already REALLY screwing things up, which will hit his ignorant, low income voters right in the pocke…

Just saw a PBS show

as they interviewed Trump voters in rural areas. BY FAR, most of them said Washington is broken, nothing gets done, SO, we need a change.
This is after the Pubs broke govt, by 'Just Say NO!' to everything, and they totally 'gummed up the works', shutting down the govt and fighting every Dem/Obama bill that tried to jump start employment.
This was after the Pubs left a TOTALLY BROKEN economy, from the last time they were in charge.
I can understand the little people wanting 'change', BUT, just look at who screwed things up!
Bottom line, they believed FOX, that is the Repub party's Propaganda Network.
Congrats to Roger AIles, who created the 'disinfornmation network', and convinced the sheep that 'Everything is terrible', when every measurable stat says just the opposite, and taught them to accept lies daily, so Trump's lies are no big deal....

On Holocaust Remembrance Day,

when the US famously turned back a boat filled with refugees from Nazi Germany, only to see them returned to Hitler's prisons, where most of them were killed, the Orange Clown signed a bill stopping ALL immigration (those who had already been 'extremely vetted') from 7 countries in the MidEast, (for at least four months) all turned into hell holes after GW's 'Oops No WMD's' disaster. (Thanks, Repubs)
BUT, he didn't restrict people from the 3 countries that struck us on 9-11. Afg, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. As thousands of innocent families were left in limbo, huddling in overcrowded refugee camps, the Statue of Liberty was seen with tears running from her eyes....
F**k you, Trump.

IF I was gonna go to an 'all inclusive' on the beach, in Mexico

I'd want the following included.

All Inclusive Features & FacilitiesAll Inclusive 24 hours12 swimming pools (8 main swimming pools for Adults and 4 for Children) Some with Jacuzzis inside2 International Main Buffets*7 A La Carte Restaurants(1 Italian, 1 Grill, 1 Seafood, 1 Mexican, 1 AsianFusion, 1 Gourmet International, 1 Swiss & 1 Spanish)10 Bars (Including a Sport Bar and 3 Swim-up bars)1 Snack barsFully equipped Fitness Center within Spa complexDaytime organized activities and Nightly Entertainment at the "Princess" TheaterDisco Lounge Areito (entrance and national & international drinks included)Non-motorized water sports (free use)Funtastic Teen's Club (ages 13-17 years) (TBA)Archery (18+)Mini-Club during the day, outside area with games, house club and swimming pool (ages 4 – 12 years)Mini club at night with entertainment for Children, Mini Disco, Mini Theater room with Videogames (ages 4 – 12 years)6 Tennis Courts2 Paddle CourtsMulti use court (b…

As Trump totally screws up

our trading relationshp with Mexico.....

We decided to take a look at the extent and nature of US imports from Mexico. According to the US Census Bureau, trade with Mexico has dramatically increased over the last three decades. In 1985, the US imported $19 billion worth of goods from Mexico. Trade value grew dramatically, especially after the implementation of NAFTA in the 1990s and 2000s, ending up at $270.6 billion in the first 11 months of 2016.
Now, after the Orange Clown has humiliated the entire country, the people on both sides of the border will get their fruit, vegetables and beer exports/imports all screwed up.
Thanks, Donald, as the disaster begins......

Wow, I could be rich, if I really wanted to...

For those of us with opinions, and considering travel to warm beaches, there is a YUUUGE market for 'anti-Trump apparel'. I know, cuz I just tried to order some, and most is 'sold out', but I did find some with stuff like, 'Keep the Mexicans, Deport Trump', and T-shirt w/Trump pic, labeled  Pendejo.
Should work to make friends on the beach and get better service from the locals.
I'm predicting it will be a YUUUGE business at home, and especially for those travelling abroad, as we've seen that whenever we travel, foreigners CAN'T STAND REPUBLICANS, (esp Bush and Trump), for SO many good reasons.
I just gotta figure out a way to capitalize on it.

Continuing to prove how totally unqualified he is,

Trump torpedoed talks with our 3rd largest trading partner, insisting THEY pay for his stupid wall, and then threatened a 20% tariff on all goods crossing the border.

The tariff tantrum was the latest in a head-spinning torrent of lies, dangerous policy ideas and threats from the White House since Mr. Trump was sworn in last Friday. They have underscored just how impulsive and apparently ignorant the new occupant of the Oval Office is of international economic and security relationships that serve American interests. His advisers appear unwilling to rein in his impulses or, as in the case of the tariff, hapless as they struggle to tamp them down.
It also could lead to shortages of fresh vegetables and fruits in American grocery stores and drive up the cost of many other consumer goods from Mexico. Mexico’s economy, which is hugely dependent on American trade, would be devastated. But American businesses and workers would stand to suffer immediate harm as well. Mexico would retaliate wi…

Enquiring minds want to know

Do the braindead rightwingnuts agree with The Dufus's policy to humiliate Mexico by demanding they pay for 'The Wall'?
So far, he has gotten the Prez of Mexico, a YUUUGE trading partner, to cancel a meeting. The Bozo says he will slap a 20% tax on goods from Mexico, (which will be passed on to us consumers), to pay for his Wall.
And this makes sense to who? Oh yeah, the FOXSheep clueless clowns...OR, not even them?

The White House petition set a YUUUGE record

Yup, more people want The Donald to 'release his tax return', than any other issue in the history of White House petitions.The Donald's response? No one cares!
Click and sign here, to show you do.
Remember when the US used to be a democracy?
BTW, the new Quinnipiac (non-partisan) Poll is out and Donald's approval rating is at 35% .
My question? WTF is wrong with that 35%? Oh yeah. They swallow FOXCrap....

Concerning the rightwingnuts, I often wonder...

What do they watch during the late evening? Do they all go to bed early, for their 6 AM shifts flipping burgers? OR, do they just watch Bullshit Mountain ALL THE TIME?
Do they curse at Steve Colbert, Jimmy(s) Fallon and Kimmel, Trevor Noah and Seth Myers as they all poke fun at the Orange Dufus?
Or do their weak minds not understand humor?
Curious minds want to know!

Declaring WAR against the millions who voted illegally,

Dufus Donald said he would launch an investigation against all those who attempted to influence the election.
UNLESS they are Russian, then he doesn't want to hear about it, and it's NYET PROBLEMSKI.

Kellyanne Conwoman continued to make a fool of herself

with more 'alternative facts' this morning when she was told that Tiffany Trump was registered in two states, (PA and NY), but she didn't vote twice, after the Orange Clown's main argument for 3-5 million 'illegal voters.' was 'people registered in two states'.
When told, Trump's ditzy mouthpiece said, 'See, that proves it'.
WTF is the stooge talking about????
Does this make sense to anyone but the clueless sheep?

No, this isn't from North Korea's Kim Jung Un,

It is a proclamation from our own dictator, the Orange Clown.
In a grotesquely self-aggrandizing and shockingly out-of-touch proclamation Trump declared the date of his inauguration a “National Day of Patriotic Devotion.”
No shit! You can't make this stuff up!
The idea that Trump, who is historically unpopular at this point in his presidency, who lost the popular vote and who won the electoral college in part because some of the people who voted for him felt as though they had little to lose, thinks of himself as the embodiment of “a new national pride [that] stirs the American soul and inspires the American heart” would be revolting if it wasn’t so sad and deluded.

The clown continues to prove how little he knows

Since a high during the Bush years, Mexican immigration has declined to the point where more Mexicans are leaving than arriving. I guess Trump wants to 'keep them here'.
Donald Trump’s Border Wall Proves How Little He Knows About Mexican Immigration Immigration from Mexico is actually on the decline. 01/26/2017 02:01 pm ET Building a wall to keep Mexicans out is also out of touch with the current realities of unauthorized immigration. Since the recession, more undocumented Mexican immigrants are actually leaving the country than entering it, according to the Pew Research Center.

The a**hole who claimed Obama's birth certificate was fake

is bitching and moaning, when he's not telling more 'pants on fire' WHOPPERS Trump Administration Absolutely Outraged Someone Would Try To Delegitimize A President Who would do such a thing? 01/26/2017 07:00 am ET Donald J. Trump
✔@realDonaldTrump An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama's birth certificate is a fraud. 2:23 PM - 6 Aug 2012

In its short time in office, the new administration has consistently complained that people keep trying to undermine and delegitimize President Donald Trump.  “There is this constant theme to undercut the enormous support that he has. The default narrative is always negative. And it’s demoralizing,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters, days after Trump was inaugurated. 

And so it begins,

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s job running the State Department just got considerably more difficult. The entire senior level of management officials resigned, part of an ongoing mass exodus of senior foreign service officers who don’t want to stick around for the Trump era.
“It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate,” said David Wade, who served as State Department chief of staff under Secretary of State John Kerry. “Department expertise in security, management, administrative and consular positions in particular are very difficult to replicate and particularly difficult to find in the private sector.”
These retirements are a big loss. They leave a void. These are very difficult people to replace.”

The clown is out of control...

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Pena Nieto, should cancel his scheduled visit to Washington if Mexico refuses to pay for a wall he has ordered constructed along the border.
In a preview of Trump's 'My way or the highway' "diplomacy", Nieto cancelled his visit approximately an hour later.
Welcome to the Trump era, where our new slogan should be:
Make America America again.
What kind of sick mind supports this clown? Oh yeah, the sheep....

Whether you agree with him or not, one thing is certain

From today's Denver Post
Lying Trump can’t be trusted
President Donald Trump reads from one of four executive orders he signed Wednesday during a visit to the Department of Homeland Security. Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images North America The United States of America deserves to have a president who tells the truth. The fact that we feel compelled to make this observation, so early in the new presidency of Donald Trump, suggests that the country is in for a long and miserable four years. Trump and his spokesman, Sean Spicer, need to start telling the truth. The president of the United States needs to demand of himself and of his staff that comments presented to the American people can be trusted and supported by legitimate — and not “alternative” — facts. Without that basic level of trust, the very functioning of our federal government and our nation will be at risk. We hoped that we saw some sincerity in his inaugural promise that he would strive to serve and empower all Americans.…

A lie by any other name....

This is not a presentation of “alternative facts,” whatever that may mean, as Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s mistress of misdirection, posited over the weekend. These are lies; good old-fashioned lies, baldfaced and flat-out lies. Donald Trump is a proven liar. He lies often and effortlessly. He lies about the profound and the trivial. He lies to avoid guilt and invite glory. He lies when his pride is injured and when his pomposity is challenged. Indeed, one of the greatest threats Trump poses is that he corrupts and corrodes the absoluteness of truth, facts and science, and those who say otherwise are either not paying attention or are liars themselves. Welcome to the Trump presidency.