After a FANTASTIC evening with the family,

celebrating Carol's birthday at 'Hickory and Ash', a great local restaurant, I happened to catch 'Colorado Experience', an educational program with Western artists, incl Remington, Russel and others. WOW!
As I saw the amazing art from and about The West, I began to think about the MANY miles I have walked, (not even counting 4-wheeling) throughout my lifetime, in wilderness areas and mountain ranges across the state, and realized it's over a thousand miles (literally), on backpacking, fishing and hunting trips during the last fifty years.
Summer and winter, hunting, fishing and hiking, (not counting skiing for 50 years) in God's country. Amazing sunrises and sunsets, and everything in between. Growing up in Nebraska, was a great start, but Colorado is 'off the chart' when it comes to 'outdoors'.
Walleye and trout, deer and elk, but you gotta 'earn it', with MILES of walking, off the beaten track, at altitude, snow and mud, getting stuck on four wheel drive trails, or jumping out as your Jeep starts to SLIDE SIDEWAYS....
Spending the night in the middle of nowhere, cuz you can't get out.
Spending a week in a wet, cold sleeping bag, one night....
Can't explain or describe it, cuz you had to 'be there', BUT wouldn't trade my memories and experiences for ANYTHING.
The average 'success rate' for hunting elk is 17%, but we were over 80%, and it ain't about 'luck'.
OK. enough bragging, but just saw a program on 'Western Art' and realized how I have 'lived it'.
Lucky man, is what I am....


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