As Hollywood has it's Big Night

Bullshit Mountain headlines go totally negative, making it all about a Ryan Seacrest SCANDAL?
Total bullshit from the people who hate Hollywood, and the amazing minds that give us our entertainment, while HATING Trump and the Pubs.
Nothing new here, but C'mon, you rightwingnuts gotts try to ruin movie awards by hooking them to a bogus Ryan Seacrest scandal, so the sheep can say, 'Yup we ain;t like them Hollywood perverts'.
Same old shit from Bullshit Mountain bullshitters.
It gets SO old, but the sheep swallow it, SO FOXLies will just keep 'shoveliong it to the sheep'.
Can you imagine the kind of movies/TV/entertainment we'd have if it was up to the rightwingnuts/
Sorta like 15:17 to Paris, a Clint Eastwood flop that SUCKS, even thought it was VERY patriotic.
i can't imagine living in rightwingnut/bullshit world, where two dumbshits like Sean and Rush tell the sheep what is good.....
BTW, Kimmel told us what we already knew. Hope left the White House...


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