As I rant and rave against Dotard, and the minions who elected him

I really can't understand how it happened.
Then I realize I'm half German, and a generation of my ancestors was mesmerized by Hitler, SO, who am I to talk?
Hitler, and the Liar in Chief. Who can explain?
Certainly not me, as the minions just fall in line, while it is SOOO obvious, to those who oppose them.
And, in the news today,

The Chaos After Trump
There won’t be a snap back to the democracy we knew before.

Why you should worry when Trump talks tough and stupid on trade.

AND, Dotard explained why the Academy Awards viewer numbers were down, saying, 'There aren't any stars any more, except ME'. 

AND, in other Liar in Chief news, I guess Donnie Jr got to his old man...
What? We can't take Dotard at his word?

Trump Administration Reverses Promise To Ban Elephant Hunt Trophies


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