As the Liar in Chief and his Clown Crew

seek to divert attention away from Dotard's Russian connections by STILL going after Hillary and her 'Private Server',(which was set up for President Bill Clinton and NEVER hacked, UNLIKE the 2016 Presidential Election), I can't help but notice that the Pubs are after the FBI Director Andrew McCabe, threatening to fire him and 'take his pension', which he gets on his 50th birthday and is worth MILLIONS.

McCabe’s pension kicks in on Sunday, his 50th birthday, so the termination would have to be done by close of business on Friday to stop it.

Just let that sink in...... A govt employee, retiring at FIFTY, and getting a pension worth MILLIONS!
And you wonder WHY the politicians cheat, lie and steal to get their govt jobs?
Who do you think PAYS as these overpriced crooks/clowns raid the Treasury for their own profit and the 'special interests' they represent.
Different day, same old shit....


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