As the Liar in Chief tries to create some steel jobs,

to go along with a few 'clean, beautiful COAL', mining jobs, he has COST the US thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in lost revenue, as foreigners have cut WAY back on visits to the US and admissions to US universities, where their much higher foreign tuition fees paid major costs on US campuses.
But, in some GOOD news, Trump U, a YUUUUGE rip-off, was shut down, and many students got refunds from the bogus 'university', set up to fleece gullible students and line the Orange Clown's pockets.

President Trump’s incendiary, xenophobic rhetoric — often masquerading as homeland security policy — corresponds directly with recent declines in U.S. favorability abroad and overall global confidence in U.S. leadership.
Over the past year, there has been a stark decline in the number of international visitors to the U.S. and international students enrolled in American universities, a stunning reversal of the growth in both sectors in recent years. This troubling trend has come to be known as the “Trump Slump", and has cost the US dearly.


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