Can you imagine the 'Righteous Outrage' from the rightwingnuts

if Obama had been accused of paying off a porn star to keep her quiet, right after Michelle gave birth?
Those HYPOCRITICAL jerks would form a lynch party to march on the White House and FOXNews would cater the event and provide the rope, while the preachers(R) would condemn Obama to Hell from their rightwing pulpits(R). But as it happens to Dotard? Hypocritical silence. What's one more sex allegation from the Pussy Grabber?
For the Liar in Chief, and his clueless, gullible minions, it's not even a blip on the radar. Everyone KNOWS he did it, (OR he just has a really nice lawyer, who mortgaged his house, out of friendship, and didn't even tell the Orange Clown), but the HYPOCRITES don't give a shit, and with all the crap that Dotard does (tariffs?), it's barely even 'news' as Stormy Daniels is reveling in the YUUUGE crowds that now come to watch her strip show.
Welcome to the Hypocritical world of rightwingnut, religious politics, as 'Christians' continue their war against gays while they kiss Dotard's ass and ignore the reality of his life.


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