Good 'Oscars' song, done by Common and Rhiana

called 'Stand Up For What You Believe In', and it reminded me, in some strange way, of 'Us and Them', by Pink Floyd, from long ago, during the Viet Nam years.
It was 'as and them' and I hoped some day it would change, then we got Iraq, from the LYING Repubs and now we have Dotard, from the LYING Repubs, and I realize, some things never change.
It's always gonna be US, the people, and the LYING Republicans, who will do anything for a profit.
Yup, it's Us and Them, like it was, and probably always will be.....
The Repub Party, made electable by the Professional Liars/Propaganda Masters, at FOXNews,  where the gullible sheep can hear the shit they LOVE to hear.....


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