Hey rightwingnuts, do you remember?

how the Liar in Chief got his foothold amongst the clueless, gullible sheep?
Yup, it was birtherism, ands the FOXSheep got behind it, 'You won't believe what my people have uncovered in Hawaii'....
before the Liar in Chief admitted it was all Bullshit, but the racists(R) didn't mind, cuz they had their boy(R), the Pussy Grabber....
And it was his MAIN message, for YEARS, before 'Build the Wall, and Make Mexico pay for it', before 'Lock her up!', cuz her server MIGHT be hacked, (like our election).
WTF am I doing? Using logic on the most irrational, stupid dumbshits(R) EVER!
Never mind....
That was before the sheep realized a NYC billionaire, also a 'Christian' was 'on their side'. OMG, can I sell you some swampland?


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