In case you hadn't noticed,

there is a 'War', between the rightwingnuts at FOXNews and Hollywood, where we get BY FAR most of our entertainment, here in the US. Yup, sorta like oil and water, or Repubs and science, the two just don't mix.
In Hollywood, gays make up a large percentage of the talented, imaginative, intelligent people who give us the TV, music and movies that MOST of us enjoy.
In the rightwing, religious Repub community, though, the approx 10%, (at least), of people who are 'born that way', are in need of 'gay conversion therapy', are demon-possessed and condemned to Hell.
Don't believe it? Just ask Mike Pence or look at the words of rightwing/religious hero Billy Graham, and the YUUUUGE majority of rightwingnuts who make up the Repub party.
SO, when the Hollywood celebrities took a few potshots at Trump, Pence, and the crowd that labels them 'evil' FOXNews shot back today, with their Lead Headline, claiming viewership (3 % pts) was down, and it's because of the 'divisiveness' of those Hellbound Hollywood Heathens. (their thoughts, my words)
Same old shit from the same nutjobs who 'shovel the shit to the sheep' and insure they are continually 'riled' enough to be consistent Repub voters.
And why not? It's sure worked for them(R), as the anyi-science, anti-gay, Bible Belt masses continue be the BASE of the Pussy Grabber's Party.
Yup, The Donald and the Evangelicals.
What could possibly go wrong?


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