In the fact-resistant bubble, created by FOX

and inhabited by the sheep, the 'Free Press' is an ENEMY and should be eradicated. The only 'news' should come the organization created by Roger Ailes, the Chief Political Strategist of the Repub Party.
Yup, Bullshit Mountain can trusted to be Fair and Balanced, a laughable slogan that not even the clowns of FOX could say without laughing out loud, BUT, the clueless, gullible minions LOVE to get their 'news' at a place where they KNOW their narrow minded biases will be upheld and strengthened.
Now, they have a vain, arrogant unqualified clown who loves to feed at the same trough, and they are in hog heaven.
God help us, and NOT the rightwingnut Repub, hypocritical God, preached from Repub pulpits....

'I knowed them Dems was crooked and stoopid, and Rush and Sean just proved how right I is'.

One Thing Donald Trump Would Like Is Freedom From the Press
The president dreams of living in a world with ‘Fox & Friends’ and  no one else.

The mood inside the White House is the worst it's ever been, with staffers calling it 'the most toxic working environment on the planet'


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