In the INSANE world of FOXSheep

who swallow the crap from Bullshit Mountain, I'd LOVE to hear their story about Dotard's lawyer paying the Porn Star, out of his own pocket, without telling the Liar in Chief.
 We all know you are stupid/clueless/gullible, BUT, this one is 'off the chart', even for the sheep....
You must be SO PROUD of your boy, as he boinked whores while his wife was taking care of their baby.
I know, the Pussy Grabber is the Evangelical hero.
Do you realize what a JOKE you are, as Dotard refuses to impose sanctions on the Russians?
Can you say CLUELESS and GULLIBLE?
Remember when the Pubs were AGAINST Russia and FOR the FBI?
Pre-Dotard days, when logic and rationality were a small part of the Pub Party.


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